Do you struggle with debilitating fatigue?


  • Would you like to know if you have Adrenal Fatigue? ME? Chronic Fatigue Syndrome? Mitochondrial insufficiency? Or are you an HSP with 21st century overwhelm?

  • Does your energy dip mid-afternoon?

  • Do you crash on day 3 after Pushing-through?

  • Do you get a second wind of energy after 10-11pm?

Challenged adrenal glands and/or mitochondrial dysfunction due to poor dietary and lifestyle choices can, unfortunately, mean that we no-longer adapt well to daily stresses.

Does this sound like something you might say?  ...

'This is not me! Usually, I am able to keep going and do so much more.'

Do you power-nap between 3pm-4.30pm?
Do you crave, esp salty food?
Do you have low blood pressure and feel dizzy when standing up?
Maybe you are always on the go or struggle with depression?
Perhaps you are feeling more tired and cranky than you used to be?
Or perhaps you are gaining weight when you used not to have a problem?
Are you easily overwhelmed and feel exhausted all of the time?

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