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Of course, there are forces we are never going to be able to control, and even when we do everything right there are still some people with a greater number of SNP’s and therefore higher level of biochemical over-whelm in the face of the toxic soup existing within our environments today.

As one of those people, this is why I advocate detoxification as a lifestyle, because of what we are up against. I advocate detoxification in healthy children as well as the sick one.

Things you can do however are to watch, monitor and parent control your choices.

Think again before you buy that New-Build Home, or completely re-paint, re-carpet the nursery or your home.

Think again before you choose tuna fish sandwiches re mercury or rice reference to arsenic. or too much cheese that may be processed using aluminum.

Think again before you eat trans fats, chips, biscuits, non-organic foods.

With my children, I like to use the 80/20 rule. Where 80% of the time I am on it, super clean. Then 20% of the time I let it go a bit.  However, when working with a child who already has a chronic health condition then it is important to be more rigorous, and closer to 100%, but understand that this type of application is not forever.

Looking at other sources of toxic exposure

Re-consider vaccines, and consider what else has been put into the vaccines that we give our children.  There may not be the thimerosal, the mercury preservative, but they are going to still be filled with aluminum, and perhaps other virus contaminants. Glyphosate has also been found in vaccines too.

I consider glyphosate to be a number one offender, Roundup on our crops, in our air.  Glyphosate has been patented as an antibiotic, which will perpetuate dysbiosis and leaky gut.  Glyphosate has also been found in baby formulas and baby foods. 

The key thing is to be mindful that anything we are putting into our baby’s tummies is organic.

Understanding that the first three years of a child’s life is the most critical.  It is during this time when the infant’s gut has not yet sealed over that the focus must be on CLEAN.  It is during this critical time the infant’s microbiome is going to be set and established, beyond which it is exceedingly difficult to change. The infants gut microbiome then sets the stage for a healthy immune system, a healthy immune response to chronic infections, healthy detoxification capabilities, and a healthy nervous system.  So, if we want to have healthy children, we must protect the infant’s microbiome from the very beginning. 

Think clean. The water the infant drinks should be filtered.  Unfiltered water is a source of heavy metals, microbes, hormones, medications! Consider getting your water tested.  Our water was too high in lead and other toxic compounds so we double filter our water, once at the point of entry into the house, and again through a drinking tap in the kitchen. 

EMF’S (Electromagnetic frequencies).  Our children are exposed from the time they are in the womb, when mums are on their mobile or cordless phones, when on the laptop, in a house with wifi, sleeping with wifi on.  Mums often give their mobile phones to babies to keep them quiet.  I was guilty of completing my course-work when re-training in nutritional studies all the while with baby in a sling! Secondary school children all have mobile phones, schools encourage classwork to be completed on laptops and ipads.


Sleep needs to be high up on the agenda since it is melatonin, which is synthesised from serotonin during the sleeping hours, that clean the brain from toxic compounds.  The system responsible for detoxifying the brain is called the glymphatic system, bathes the brain and critical for detoxifying the nervous system. This is supported through sleep.

Other considerations should be getting out in nature and exercise. 

Emotional Toxicity

Toxicity exposure also extends to emotional toxicity too. The Emotional Freedom Technique is one tool that can considerably lower the emotional burden and residual toxic thoughts from almost any negative experience encountered.  Social media, the pressure at school, negative family experiences. Klinghardt talks about the Detoxification Axiom, referring to unresolved psycho-emotional conflict or trauma, and the equivalent of stored toxins or pathogenic like microorganisms.  Therefore in order to successfully detoxify the body, we must address not only heavy metals and infections but also the emotions. 

Remove anything that is inf-lamming the gut

We do not need to be solely focused on allergies.  And therefore when a true allergy is NOT present then we think it automatically implies it’s OK to include the food or ingest substance (pesticide, E#). However we should be extending this out to anything and everything that may create gut inflammation, and therefore lead to dysbiosis. This includes sugar.  All refined sugars cause inflammation as well as feed parasites and unwanted microbes.  So take out the fuel for these microbes and replace the digestive tract with enzymes and hydrochloric acid.  And then repair the gut if necessary, including vital nutrients such as zinc and essential fatty acids as DHA, even re-inoculation of the GI tract with good bacteria. 


With children, we do not necessarily want to do aggressive types of detoxification or chelation when we actually don’t know what we’re trying to remove.  

Testing first is important, but again we can start slow and then progress to more in-depth testing later down the line. 

Start with the Organic Acid Test from Genova called Optimal Nutritional Evaluation, providing a really good insight into how well the child is detoxifying. What their mitochondrial stressors are like and what their methylation status is like and oxidative stress measurements too. From this, we can know whether the child is a good detoxifier or not. When issues are present, the investigation into the genetic SNP’s would then be a good idea.  Another very good test is the Porphrins test, again by Genova. When high porphrins are present we know the child is excreting toxins or perhaps has a level of chronic fatigue due to ADP excretion. Further testing for heavy metals can be done in a number of ways but my preferred way is within the urine, using a challenge agent.  Challenge agents are something with a lot of sulphur in it.  DMSA was the challenge agent of choice until it was made illegal to use within nutritional practices in the UK only a few years ago.  MSM, or even lots of coriander can be used to challenge heavy metals and liberate HM from stored tissues.  

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Lyme & the three shields: a co-dependant ecosystem

“It’s never JUST the ONE THING when we have a chronic health condition”


There is a big link between heavy metal loading as a protective mechanism, as a shield, primarily within the biofilm world.

Lyme, is a complex organism, in the sense that it takes on different forms.  It morphs, bio-transforms, which makes it more elusive.  It’s slow replicating.  It can hide out for a while, and protect itself.

Lyme has all kinds of mechanisms, it’s got the spiral-shaped form (spirochete).  That drills, burrowing into joints and tissues and organs, which is so often while conventional lab tests are checking the blood don’t find Lyme because the target organ of Lyme is not the blood.

Then there is a Cyst form of Lyme.  Essentially when you take antibiotics the bacteria sense this and within twenty minutes the Lyme has turned into a round cyst form to protect itself.  This is about a thousand times stronger against antibiotics in a cyst form than when it’s active spirochete form.  Making it a hard beast to kill!!

And then there is the intra-cellular form, where it goes inside the cells, which is subsequently responsible for the auto-immune relationship between Lyme and our immune system.  As our body attacks the Lyme inside our cells other cells are also attacked because our immune system is not clear on its target.

And then there is a fourth form of Lyme, which is Biofilm. Biofilm is yet another protective mechanism.  It’s a shield so that when you’re taking herbs or when you’re taking antibiotics, it’s less likely that you’re going to be able to penetrate the Biofilm.

Essentially, if you put all the Lyme forms together into a colony, plus other pathogens and fungus, and then lay a blanket on top then you’ve got the Biofilm all wrapped up in one.

The link between Heavy Metals and Biofilm is the ingredients Biofilm is made up of the following: Magnesium, calcium, copper, iron, mercury, and lead. Essentially unless the toxicity is dealt with it’s unlikely the Lyme will be dealt with also.

Where does testing for Lyme fit in?

It is well known that testing for Lyme via a regular panel can show false negatives Labs can run into issues that influence results.  The advice is to use as many TOOLS as possible. Energetic biofeedback machines are tools, kinesiology is a tool, looking at a client’s history is a tool.  It is when the Art each practitioner has developed through their tool matches up with lab result this then creates a stronger indicatory rather than just one thing.

Lyme should always be considered when complex health conditions are present. To include Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, or autoimmune conditions such as RA, Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus.

As previously mentioned, one of the reasons Lyme is so elusive is due to using a protective mechanism such as heavy metals as a shield.

The three shields: a co-dependant ecosystem



Parasites is a modern day epidemic.  There are 134 species of parasites.  And Lyme disease can live inside a parasite.  So if you have Lyme disease and you have parasite issues then you’re not going to get to that Lyme bacteria if it’s within the parasite.  First, go after the parasites.

We all have parasites to one degree or another, which can take more than a month to eliminate when taking the correct herbs Ascaris lumbricoides (a type of roundworm) right down to pinworm.  There is usually a sequence with the elimination of the larger ones first.  Parasites have a 2-week replication cycle, affected by the waxing and waning of the moon.  So you can see improvements but then there’s another wave, so the rule of thumb is to be consistent and persistent.


Heavy metal toxicity is a modern day epidemic.  Mercury from tuna, fillings or vaccinations.  Lead and arsenic from rice harvested in China, lead from older water pipes. Cadmium from our soil too. Aluminium is off the charts too.

It’s a big issue, one which we are all encountering since we share one earth, one atmosphere the fundamental truth is that we are all affected.

Riding the body from heavy metals helps to peel away the biofilm and release the pathogens which can be a very good thing – ultimately.  However, by the same token, the health of the individual is key as to whether they will become over-whelmend by this process and become sicker before their health improves.  Heavy metals should be the second detoxification after parasites.


Mould will also act as a shield to Lyme.  Therefore if you are living in a mouldy house it doesn’t matter what treatment is used, the source of mould needs to be removed if you are going to get well.  The third and last protective mechanism is that needs to be addressed is mould.

Once we have addressed parasites, heavy metals and mould there are no great defense mechanisms for the Lyme to hide in, making it far easier to clean up by assisting the immune system to take care of Lyme.


When wishing to Detox it is vital to prepare the ground with Drainage support first.

When our Drainage systems are not working adequately the body can easily get thrown into over-whelm during a detox.  Especially when detoxifying parasites and heavy metals.

This, of course, depends on the genetic profile of the individual.  When individuals are pre-disposed genetically to oxidative stress and inflammation, then challenges attributed to detoxification will be increased.

Definition of Detox: pulling out of chemicals, heavy metals, pesticides, glyphosates, herbicides, radiation.

Definition of Drainage: pathways of detoxification not working adequately, and therefore leading to a backing up of toxic release from the system.

Example of Drainage issues that need to be addressed PRIOR to Heavy Metal Chelation and parasite cleansing:

Leaky Gut is a drainage issue. When constipated it’s the draining pathways clogged. The kidney is a draining pathway. The liver bile duct is one of the most important draining pathways in the whole mix. The lymphatic system is draining pathways. The glymphatic or the brain lymphatic system, the skin.  Keeping all these pathways clear and healthy during detox will help to minimise symptoms. Making sure you prepare the body and then focus on drainage during the detox is key.

Parasites often clog up the liver bile duct area.  Certain parasites love the liver bile duct-like strongyloides and flukes residing there and clogging it up.  Killing off parasites is a part of opening up the drainage pathways, hence why it is the first step in breaking down the three shields. Elimination of parasites is also a fundamental step within a heavy metal detox regardless of whether Lyme is present. Both Heavy Metals and Mould spore can live inside parasites since parasites are hungry for both.


Optimising the liver and gall-bladder via bile excretion is paramount. All toxins leave via the bile duct. Draining off ammonia can be a game-changer for some health conditions.  Which also relies upon the Liver/Bile-duct working properly.

A clogged Liver automatically slows down and clogs the lymphatic system, which affects the brain-draining system, the glymphatic system.

  • Consider coffee enemas (see blog on enemas)

  • Castor oil packing

  • Liver / Gallbladder flushes

  • Milk thistle in with your coffee if you’re a coffee drinker

  • Dandelion root coffee

  • Chanca Piedra, herbal assistance

  • Carbon, charcoal or clay for the gut

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