“Where might I have ingested heavy metals from anyway? “

The first question I always get asked is, “Where would I get heavy metals from anyway? “

The reality is, our lives are saturated with opportunity for heavy metal deposition. Heavy Metals are literally everywhere; in your food, in the air, in the water, in your personal care products, even emitted from your laptops.   Avoiding heavy-metal exposures and therefore deposition is extremely hard, even impossible.  And for those of you who are epigenetically predisposed to a decreased detoxification capacity.  Who do not have those enzymes which are required for rapid detoxification, WILL accumulate heavy metals.  And store them in a myriad of places; the brain, the liver, the thyroid, the mitochondria, the nervous system, the lymph, and the bone – where heavy metals push out calcium causing osteoporosis. 

The one place you WILL NOT find heavy metal deposition is your blood.  Why?  Because heavy metals drop out of blood within a number of hours, in order to protect the most vulnerable organs – your heart. 

Blood levels of toxic metals show only recent or ongoing exposure still remaining in the blood

If you have been to the GP, and they DO find heavy metals in your blood – then you know you are being actively poisoned in current time.  Historic exposure can ONLY be assessed through a Private Clinical Practice, using Private Laboratory testing, combined with a chelating compound.  

Things you should know about Heavy Metal exposure

  • There is NO safe level of Lead: Examining the effects of low levels of Lead on IQ resulted in the conclusion that there are no safe or acceptable levels of lead in human tissue. 

  • A respected publication concludes that patients with lower levels of Lead live longer and suffer from less morbidity and mortality from ALL diseases.

  • Environmental toxicants can lead to excessive arousal and an increase in dendrites of the limbic system, which can further increase stimulation and hypersensitivity to stimuli and environmental toxicants. 

  • EPIGENETIC PREDISPOSITION: One of the basic principles of integrative and environmental medicine is that everyone is unique; biochemically, genetically and physiologically. Therefore individual tolerance to a given level of a toxic metal varies considerably, based on the presence of other antagonistic metals and chemicals, and genetically determined detoxification capabilities.

  • Those who are epigenetically predisposed to decreased detoxification capacity tend to develop the following health conditions: Autism, multiple chemical sensitivity, chronic fatigue syndrome, genetic deficiency of glutathione production, aberrant homocysteine metabolism. 

  • Other genomic variants, such as impaired glutathione synthetase activity would impair detoxification competence for toxic minerals like mercury and arsenic. 

  • Impaired glutathione synthetase activity can be due to a number of reasons: a) a DNA translation error. b) an RNA translation error from haptenic binding and distortion of the mRNA complex. c) a disordered protein synthesis due to low ATP production. All of which would have similar adverse effects. Rendering the individual sensitive, symptomatic and at high risk from toxic metals. Requiring ongoing care, even when lower levels of toxic metal are present, comparative to healthy individuals. 

Things you should know about heavy metal testing

  • Blood levels are representative of tissue levels and frequently fail to identify significantly toxic tissue levels. I.e. levels that are causing tissue damage.   

  • Determining the total body burden of any given toxic metal is not a straightforward matter, as tissue levels vary significantly and many factors complicate the assessment of a given individual. 

  • There is no single test that adequately determines the total body burden of toxic metals. Metals are detoxified via the skin, hair, finger and toenails, stool and urine.  A combination of tests is recommended for a more accurate assessment of total body burden.

  • Hair analysis for toxic metals, while controversial, has been widely accepted and validated for epidemiological studies by the World Health Organisation and the EPA as being extremely useful and cost-effective for identifying toxic metal exposures.  However, this test comes with risks of false negatives & may be used for screening purposes only.  

Things you should consider and correct prior to heavy metal detoxification

  • Heal the gut and strengthen the microbiome.

  • Open and strengthen drainage systems with nutrients, herbs & diet.

  • Learn to mechanically move the lymphatic system, and cleanse interstitial tissues.

  • Strengthen kidneys. Support hepatic pathways.

  • Remove pathogenic burden & parasites. Co-infections are extremely common in all instances of heavy metal burden in cells.  Pathogens of every kind thrive in this environment

  • Positively influence the circadian cycles.

  • Decrease stress to improve detoxification capacity.

  • Increase hydration and raise antidiuretic hormone.

  • Decrease overall inflammation


Three initial consultations are required to set you up for THE LEVEL-1 H.M.O.C. PROGRAMME

Three initial 2-hour consultations take place in order to set up each client. This is important since every case comes with its own unique history and set of vulnerabilities.  Each client is valued as a unique health-case, coming with their own stories and landmark events.  Often we see trauma, isolation, emotional pain as well as physical pain in the lives of those living with heightened sensitivity.  Understanding the basis of these experiences impacts the degree of success we have when navigating through pain and illness, back to health.  

During your session I will consider & assess the following areas of health:

  • Environmental Factors: Mould, toxic metals, chemicals, EMFs/artificial light and your circadian rhythms

  • Pathogens: Lyme, viruses, parasites, bacterial and fungal imbalances

  • Trauma: Physical, dietary, toxicant related, psychological, emotional

  • Structural issues: Injuries, surgeries, accidents, connective tissue-related issues; EDS – hypermobility

  • Medical/Dental: Floxing, vaccine injury, surgeries, dental infections/toxicity

  • Genetics/Familial Associations: Quantifying gene expression & familial associations

  • Dietary: Food quality, food intolerances, food compatibility

Once we have worked for 6 weeks to 2 months to reset your system, adjust diet and support basic detoxification by opening up drainage pathways, and rid your body from the burden of parasites, only then can we can begin oral chelation work.

Oral chelation is cycled for over 6.5 months.  However, there may be times when the client needs to slow down with chelation then extending over a year.  

  • DRAINAGE takes 3 months to complete

    PATHOGENS & PARASITES takes 2 months to complete

  • LEVEL 1 ORAL CHELATION takes 3 months to complete

    LEVEL 2 ORAL CHELATION takes 2 months to complete

    LEVEL 3 ORAL CHELATION takes 1.5 months to complete

3 Nutritional Therapy consultations are required to set you up



Pitching health goals correctly is synonymous with good results and long-term success. We seek to align your health goals with the changes that you are capable of making, daily within your life.

The initial consultation typically takes two hours during which there is plenty of opportunity to explore current symptoms and previous efforts.

Prior to your Initial consultation you will complete a Nutrition and Lifestyle questionnaire which I go through before your session.

I am trained in levels 1-4 in Systematic kinesiology. During this initial consultation I work with Systematic kinesiology to open channels and communicate directly with your body. From this I make my recommendations to support the uniqueness of each client case.  The benefit being access to the real route cause of some seemingly perverse health conditions.

Conversely, just ‘treating the symptoms’ is often ineffective in the long run.

I apply the principals of Functional Medicine, offering the benefit and use of my private laboratory partners. I only make recommendations for test-kits that make a marked difference to your understanding and health.

Finally, get set up with the first stage of your Corrective Supplementation Regime, relating to your case within the context of my clinical understanding.



Kinesiology is the method of choice here.


Substance testing for of up to 50 foods provides clarity on your tolerance levels for food groups, combinations and GI trends.  These foods are best understood as LOW or HIGH tolerance, rather than ‘INTOLERANT’ or ‘ALLERGENIC’ which they may or may not be.  Since there are a myriad of reasons why someone may have LOW tolerance to a food.  Poor Bile Flow, Low Pancreatic Enzymes, Fatty Liver, Clogged Helpatic Pathways, Gut Inflammation, Abuse of Grains, a Virus or Fungus hosted in our gut, Methyl Mercury in the gut.  The list really does go on.

BE A DETECTIVE:  Searching for clues and joinging the dots, within your tolerance session can be powerfully suggestive.  These clues represent your health,  since they represent exactly how key biological systems are functioning when interfacing with the foods tested.

For instance, we can have low tolerance to fatty foods, or low tolerance to grains, or low tolerance to foods from the deadly nightshade family, or perhaps sugary foods.  Our tolerance to each food group provides powerful clues as to what lies beneath.

Therefore, what is a truly health diet, when you cannot convert beta-carotene from carrots to vitamin A, or make use of fats, due to gall-bladder congestion? 

It would be presumptuous to assume that what you consider to be a ‘healthy diet’ is the correct diet for you.  



First stage supplementation is selected to address current, acute and flamboyant symptoms, laying the foundations for deeper healing further on.

After the first 6 weeks we are ready to move into the second stage supplementation. With a new diet and 6 weeks on targeted supplements it makes sense the body will have a NEW set of requirements.   We address those changes promptly 6 weeks after the initial consultation.

Targeted supplements: Systematically strengthens and clears key biological systems.

Heal the gut, cleanse the liver, increase bile flow, strengthen adrenal glands.

I do not micro-manage singular nutrients, nor promote topical application of probiotics without having sound reasoning for this. 

The question should be asked, ‘Why does a gut require a probiotic?’, and to then pursue a change of ecosystem of the gut, being the environment at source.

The difference between taking a supplement once a day verses multiple times within the day: Correct dose as well as correct timings of the doses taken are paramount for the efficacious nature of any supplement. The benefit comes from creating key changes; improved function of targeted organs and systems.

Once a shift in the functionality of an organ or system has been experienced, we choose to target another organ or system.


The Nutritional Therapy consultation pack provides information on how the three initial consultations are structured, GDPR, policies, payment options, supplementation Q&A.  Please print this-off and read through and sign the policy & Disclaimer pages prior to your initial consultation session.

The Detoxification Manual has been designed to accompany your health programme, when appropriated by your symptom profile.  Symptoms can be greatly relieved by detoxification techniques.  This manual is a guide to the various detoxification techniques embraced by traditional Naturopathy otherwise known as Old Fashioned Nursing Techniques. The aim of using naturopathic techniques is to bring energy and healing to specific areas of the body, reducing discomfort during detoxification. 


I have trained in Systematic Kinesiology levels 1-4 allowing me to use this skill within my nutritional practice.  Systematic kinesiology uses all four leavers of the body (2 x arms / 2 x legs).  When moving the leaver in various directions it locks into a specific organ or biological system which correlates to that leaver.  Systematic kinesiology is a an accepted science, and can therefore be is used to asses the health of the body.  It can also be used to provide accurate supplement recommendations and food tolerance testing.

Using Kinesiology to provide supplement guidelines: We first find the weak organ, by finding the weak correlating muscle.  We then lay the supplement on the body and re-test the correlating muscle. Typically a weak muscle will strengthen when the correct supplement is placed upon the body when a muscle is weak / correlating to a weakened organ.  Equally a strong muscle will weaken when the incorrect supplement is placed upon the body.  This information provides a gateway and dialogue between the practitioner and the ‘body’ of the client, which has advantages over clinical testing and questionnaires alone. 

Using Kinesiology for food and substance testing: All substances can to be tested; food, liquids, toxicity triggers such as cat fur, mold, heavy metals, homeopathic nosodes of every variety. 


Nutrition is fundamental to health. Yet foods are not simply ‘healthy’ or ‘unhealthy’ but rather they contain nutrients which alone or as part of a whole dietary pattern alter a host of physiological functions including metabolism, gut activity and gene expression. In many cases progress with health problems will be impossible or seriously limited unless appropriate dietary changes are undertaken.

I provide individual dietary advice based on each client’s symptom’s, medical history, food tolerance testing with kinesiology, lab results and even genetic testing to ensure that the rational behind my recommendations are fully understood. Nutritional supplements fit into this approach perfectly.

Generally speaking, the foundation of everyone’s diet should be fresh, unprocessed foods. Rediscovering traditional meals based around meat, fish, eggs, fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds and full-fat dairy products. 


I have worked with some extra-ordinary complex health cases, and it is now my firm belief that it would be idealistic to consider that we can obtain all the nutrients required for robust health without supplementation.

For one moment consider toxicity in the environment

Living in a toxic environment, where 250 chemicals adverse to human health can be measured with the umbilical chord even prior to birth. The reality is that this is a world of toxic extremes, dealing with chemicals from inside the home and our food supplies 24/7. Our bodies are not designed for this measure, and can only cope for so long before it breaks down at the weakest genetic link.  

Q: Are all supplements the same?
A: NO! I only ever use supplements that I know are worthy of your investment. Your body will know that you are getting the real-deal, usually within a matter of weeks and sometime only days. Remember you get what you pay for with supplements. I believe that you owe it to yourself to have the best.

I therefore recommend supplements in every case to support optimal health. Guided by kinsiology throughout the supplement selection process.

Q: Are all brands the same?
A: NO! In some cases only one or two brands of the SAME nutrient or glandular will test up as a positive for the client. With cheaper brands filled with toxic binders and fillers (or simply poor quality) switching healthy muscles of the body off.  

I value the good working relationship I have with my suppliers and can draw on their expertise when needed.



(Diagnostic tests from some of the top labs in the world)

When more information is desirable I have access to a wide range of diagnostic tests through partner labs. Depending on the nature of the investigation this may be a saliva, urine or stool sample which can all be completed in the privacy of your home.  Blood samples do need to be booked-in with an taken by a local phlebotomist. 

Tests frequently ordered include:

Organic acid testing – a very useful diagnostic aid in identifying metabolic and microbial markers, vitamin status and oxalate levels.
Heavy metals – body burdens of toxic metals enabling stategies for detoxification.
Coeliac markers – a full panel of gluten reactivity markers (unlike the limited test offered by the NHS)
DNA profiling – for the ultimate in personalised medicine

Plus many others including – nutrient status, thyroid function, stool testing, allergy and autoimmune testing, homocysteine testing, etc.

I am also a big fan of genetic testing… 


Encoded from birth is our DNA which is subsequently influenced by our environments, our nutritional choices and lifestyle.  As well as our relationships, our sense of community and emotional responses.  The influence of these external factors upon our DNA is known as Epigenetics. 

> DNA Genetic Panels provide clues as to why we may be predisposed to developing certain health conditions.  

> Functional Medicine Panels then help us to understand the present outcome of our genetic predispositions.  Test results can also help us to track progress.  I am a big fan of both!

Please note, laboratory tests often require additional consultation time to go through the results and rationales for nutritional support especially where complex interpretation is required.   

Integrating Genetic Panels within nutritional consultation is the perfect compliment and therefore strongly recommended.


1st NT consultation: £345, up to 2 hours – Initial Consultation 

 (30 minutes of research time assessing pre-appointment health questionnaires and any previous laboratory test results included)

2nd NT consultation: £300, up to 2 hours – Food Tolerance and Food Diary Review

3rd NT consultation £300 up to 2 hours – Supplement Adjustment & Kinesiology

4th NT consultation £240 up to 2 hours – PSYCH-K / EMOTION CODE

Further follow-ups (in clinic / Skype / Zoom): Typically 1.5 hours @ £150 / hour

Scheduling weekend, evening and holiday time consultations
There are times when a client is unable to have their supplements checked during term time, as there are few of you who are bound to boarding school schedules, live a long way away in the UK, and some abroad  Therefore under a special agreement, weekend and holiday consultation can be scheduled:
Weekend and holiday booking are charged by the hourly rate @ £190 per hour

This work requires a serious commitment to your health, on multiple levels, therefore all sessions are paid for upon booking and are non-refundable

When two or more consultations are booked at the same time, the first consultation is paid-for in full with a non-refundable deposit paid for all further bookings. The balance for each session where only a deposit has been paid, is due no later than at the close of the previous session.

If you are interested in working with me, please complete the contact form below

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy:

Please be courteous, and provide 96 hours notice for all cancelled appointments. This helps ensure that we can meet the needs of all of our patients who are waiting to get an appointment. There will be a £240 cancellation fee for cancellations outside of this time and client no-shows.

This is a fixed policy which does not become flexible or change over time.