Since January 2021 self-spreading gene therapy vaxxines have been among us on a worldwide scale.  Whether we choose to acknowledge this fact or not, these self-spreading vaxxines will be affecting every single one of us, our biology will be affected in numerous and often peculiar ways.  The wide spectrum of symptoms may mean that we do not recognise nor attribute the changes to these self-spreading vaxxines immediately, but eventually, we will take notice. 

For the youngest among us, whose glutathione levels and CoQ10 levels are naturally high, the changes in biology tend not to be so noticeable – this is the very reason why ‘young people don’t catch covid’.

But age isn’t the only factor that decides on COVID’s demographic.  Other factors will be our familial health predispositions, and epigenetic weaknesses, otherwise known as Gene SNPs.  Also, Lifestyle and Food choices, leading to presenting co-morbidities and co-infections.

To help counter the range of symptoms experienced by Non-vaxxed people, but who are affected by the self-spreading vaxxines, Detox Nutrition has harnessed a process used by kinesiologists called ‘the Allergy-Tap’ process.  When used in tandem with homoeopathic frequencies copied into vials, in this instance from each of the four cv-vacs found most commonly in the UK, a powerful process takes place: We signal to our meridian pathways to open. Opening the gates to release unwanted frenetic A.I. (artificial) energy in this instance, whilst reducing Allergenic tension and all associated reactions.  

The Allergy-Tap process clears the ‘frequencies’ of any homoeopathic potency of any substance that we choose to clear when using this process.  In this instance, we just happen to be clearing the frequencies of these transmissible vaxxines.

Product Descriptions

Product 1: The Four-Vac Clearance Session

The Four-Vac Clearance Session:

  • 100% of the frequency from each vaxxine is removed from your energy body.

  • Sacred geometry and angelic healing tools are used to support the removal of A.I. technology and low vibrational frequencies.  

  • Your chakra bodies are checked for balance and balanced with reiki and tuning forks if needed. 

  • More energy drops into the vessel as tension is released and symptoms subside.

  • Confidence and peace of mind to know that you have been cleared, confirmed by muscle testing.
  • Product 1: Four-Vac Clearance Session + Four-Vac Clearance Home-Pack

    Schedule your Four-Vac Clearance Session. Session last for 1.5 hours. During this time you are guaranteed to receive full and complete clearing, chakra balancing and healing from the A.I. frequencies. 

    Next, apply the maintenance clearance process at home using the Four-Vac Clearance Home-Pack
    • The Four-Vac Clearance Session + the Four-Vac Clearance Home-Pack: £270
    • Contact to schedule this session, and reserve a Home-Pack.  

Unless you are a healer or have confidence in your muscle testing, scheduling a full clearance and chakra balancing session prior to buying a pack is highly recommended. This is for your own confidence, wellbeing and peace of mind, but it is not essential. 

The Four-Vac Clearance sessions are done in person and take 1.5 hours @ £180, payment is due upon booking.

Product 2: Four-Vac Clearance Home-Pack (only)

Within the Four-Vac Clearance Home-Pack, you receive everything you need to complete the process:

  • A metal tin to protect the delicate frequencies from EMF.

  • Four homoeopathic vac-frequencies which are copied into separate vials.

  • Your printed and bound instruction manual, complete with a written instruction sheet and diagrams to illustrate the complete process.

  • Q & A

  • A plastic folder to keep everything in one place.
  • Product 2: Four-Vac Clearance Home-Pack (only)

    Purchase the Four-Vac Clearance Home-Pack. 
    • Four-Vac Clearance Home-Pack (without the Clearance Session): £90 Please note, this option comes without support, since the time to ask questions and become confident with the Four-Vac Clearance Home-Pack is during the Four-Vac Clearance Session. 

When placing your order, please be sure to send your confirmatory email and best postal address to

Session length: 1.5 hours



This process works for everyone who has not received the mRNA technology, without exception. For those who have, it is not possible to clear all of the frequencies, but considerable benefits are still reported from regular tapping. So far, over 100 clients have reported an improvement or the elimination of chronic and acute symptoms, especially when done regularly (once or twice a week). 

Symptoms that are reduced or eliminated by easing Spikopathy through the Allery-Tap process include (but not limited to): 

  • A reduction of neuropathy (pins and needles) in the limbs, face, chest, feet, hands, top of the head.
  • A reduction of pain in the centre of the foot (usually the right foot).
  • Reduction of fluttering sensations in the heart. 
  • Anxiety. Tummy pain with either IBS symptoms, constipation, or incontinence.
  • Reduction of intense colic, pain.
  • Reduction of burning sensation in the uterus and ovaries.
  • Reduction of nausea and headaches. 
  • Disruption of the female hormonal cycle, irregular bleeding, constant bleeding, very heavy bleeding with clots and scanty bleeding.  Even re-starting the periods are years post-menopause!
  • For men, raising estrogen levels and hair loss could be a sign. 
  • Immediate reversal of rapid ageing, and looking very tired all the time.
  • Back pain.
  • Immediate reduction/reversal of an increase in male body odour. 
  • Immediate reduction/reversal of an increase in female body odour.
  • Reversal of a change in female body odour. The smell is distinctive (putrefaction, fermentation, sour).

Symptoms are varied and seem to depend on the individuals’ biological weaknesses.  Have you noticed changes in your health, smell, taste, hormones?     

The Allergy Tap process works primarily by reducing overall systemic inflammation and allergic tension. 

Q & A
  • How often should I do the Vac-Clearance?

    In our experience, everyone should be clearing AT LEAST once a week, but preferably twice from the allergic tension created by these jabs. And if possible, EVERY day.

    If you live with a jabbed person, then clearing the allergic tension that you experience from sharing breath and pheromones with the jabbed can only be a very good thing.

    In order for the Clearance to have the greatest effect, causing you to be LESS-reactive to the substance that is causing allergic tension in the future, you must, stay away from the substance for 36 hours after the clearing.

  • How will I benefit, and feel after clearing?

    This is not an easy question to answer due to biochemical individuality. The difference after the clearing certainly is tangible with a wide range of beneficial results.

    Generically, I do not know HOW your body is currently or specifically affected by the vaxxines and transfection (of the Spike protein) and therefore it would be impossible to generically predict HOW you would benefit. But one thing is for certain, ALL old health patterns are being re-visited and reactivated due to transfection of the Spike protein and the effect from the self-spreading vaxxines – creating mass biochemical overwhelm.

    This MAY present as inflammation, neuropathy, hormone imbalances, oxidative stress, thrombosis, itching and more.

    DOING the clearance decreases all symptoms resulting from this allergic tension.

    You can read about my personal experience below – which led me to discover the process.


  • How will I know the clearance has worked?

    • You may yawn a LOT.  I tend to yawn more when clearing the mRNA vacs (Pf and Mod) but when clearing myself and other people.  The mRNA energy is denser than the Ast frequency.
    • All symptoms of allergic tension will decrease and you should feel lighter as more energy drops back in the body.
    • Less overwhelmed
    • Less tense and less intense.
    • Curiously I have also noticed a big difference in how these frequencies alter MY relationship with time.  Once I clear myself, I have a better handle on time, with far less ‘chasing my tail’.
  • What if I don’t muscle test, can I still use the pack?

    YES. Just assume that you are weak on all four vials and clear each vial according to the instructions. In this case – you do NOT need to ‘test’ for any of the points. Simply place each vial ONE AT A TIME on CV6 (as described within the instructions on page 1) and go through the process of tapping and clearing, pages 2 to 9, for EACH vial in the following order:

    • PFIZER
    • COVID 19
  • And if I do know how to self muscle-test; how do I test the point next to the ear AND muscle test?

    When you learned how to self-muscle test perhaps you did not also learn ‘Contact Locate’ testing.  You can touch an area and then muscle test that area. But you DON’T have to be touching the area at the EXACT TIME of muscle testing.  Therefore, place the finger at the points in front of each, remove the finger and then muscle test, with your attention remaining on the points.

  • Should I order one kit per person, or can I share my kit?

    That’s entirely up to you.

    You can share your kit, or buy one kit per person for convenience.

    For instance, there are five people living under our roof. We each have a kit that we keep next to the bed and do clearances before going to sleep.  Sometimes I have woken in the night and needed to clear myself, due to sensations of painful ovaries, or numbness throughout the peripheral nervous system, or a pain in my right foot – typical symptoms of Astrazenica – causing me to stay awake. I clear the frequencies and allergic tension, yawn an awful lot, enabling me to go back to sleep.

  • If I order another pack, how quickly will I receive my pack?

    I run the packs off in batches of 15, which take a few hours to put together – which I tend to do once a week.  If you need the pack by a certain date, please make sure you leave enough time for the creation and posting of the pack.

  • Does the pack cost less if I pick it up in person?

    Since we work from home generally it’s not convenient to have people picking items up from our home.

    The packs don’t cost more or less depending on postage, they are what they are; £55 – for the 4 vials plus instructions and diagrams of the process, or £70 for five vials if you travel to countries where J&J has been given or would like an EBV vial. These vials are created on a separate machine.