We pick up parasites from our water sources, from our food, from our animals.  Whether we are paleo, keto or vegan and plant-based, you can still have parasites like Roundworm in the vegetables that you eat.  Toxoplasmosis is transmitted from cats through their kitty litter.   

We can catch a pin-worm egg from someone else’s sneeze. There are parasites in water that can penetrate through the skin.  Hookworms can penetrate through the skin and take up residency that way. 

100% of people have parasites, but it’s down to the host’s immune function as to whether they are kept at bay.

How do we keep parasites at bay?

We can control parasitic infestations or at least the symptoms quite well through our diets.  When we eat cleaner by eliminating the sugar, reducing carbohydrates in the form of wheat (high glyphosate) and other grains, as well as processed foods then parasites will no longer thrive. But if you eat a diet full of sugar and toxicants, then you are predisposing yourself to parasitic infestation and symptoms such as headaches, allergies, skin problems can get out of control.

What other triggers can exacerbate parasitic infestations?

Stress can trigger all pathogenic loading.  Toxicants can trigger all pathogenic loading. Whether it’s viral, retroviral, parasitic, or fungal in nature. The reason we are in the middle of a viral and parasitic epidemic is that we are in the middle of a toxicant epidemic.   An epidemic of chemicals in our environment.   Toxicants down-regulates our immune system, which allows pathogenic loading to express itself.  Parasites do play some kind of partially beneficial role within this environmental toxicity epidemic, as they absorb a percentage of toxins.  But, if we cleaned up the environment, being our cells, then we would no longer be a perfect host for the pathogen to set up residency. However, once the parasites have set up residency, the parasites will not go away on their own, we have to treat them.    


Lab results often come back negative, with false negatives. This can be very confusing for the layperson and clinician who rely heavily on lab results for confidence in their programme, or client compliance with taking their antimicrobial supplements. In the clinic, Anna offers private Lab panels for testing parasite loading: Genova; Comprehensive Digestive Stool Analysis/Parasitology (CDSA/P) & Drs Data; Comprehensive Stool Analysis w/Parasitology x3 many times, only to find the client’s stool results often come back negative, but the client has all the whole marks in chronic health of a parasitic infestation. 

We decide to engage in the anti-parasitic programme anyway, and all of a sudden the client’s health starts to turn around: Seasonal allergies – gone. Headaches – gone.  General fatigue and malaise – gone. Joint pain – gone. Sinus issues – gone.

Are all parasite cleanses the same? And why do some people feel so bad?

On the other hand, somebody that’s chronically ill may do a parasite cleanse, but still have chronic health issue symptoms remaining. This is typical when the parasite cleanses was not thorough enough.  There are many many parasites.  One sign of this is MARCoNS, when clients are unable to clear our their sinuses.  Parasites that take up residency in the sinus cavities will most likely be the culprit in these instances. When parasites take up residency in the sinus and nasal cavity then Strep and other fungus and bacteria can also take over.

Once the parasites have been targetted, and treatment persisted with for long enough, then little white parasites come out of the nose. These parasites are also tied in with the HTLV1 category of retroviruses.  This category of retroviruses tends to make people extremely sick and can also cause sores with the nose.  

This is where it gets interesting. Why would so many health symptoms be eradicated from reducing and eradicating parasites?

Many complex client cases present a combination of factors:  Parasites, viruses, retroviruses, heavy metals, fungal infections. 

Babesia is a red-blood-cell parasite, which breaks down our red blood cells, stopping us from getting enough oxygen. Pair that together with a Strongyloides infestation in the sinus region.  Pair that with black mould in the home. Pair that with Borellia.  Or pair that with heavy metals or reactivated EBV, and you will have a long list of debilitating symptoms.  


Within the immune system we have TH1 and TH2.  Simplistically you can think of the TH1 being the system that holds viruses at bay.  And TH2 being the system that holds parasites at bay.

Parasites modulate the T helper 2 cells (TH2), releasing protein cytokine called interleukin four.  Interleukin 4 activates TH2 and suppresses TH1. TH1 holds viruses at bay.  But when TH2 is activated this flips a gene on, creating the environment for viral replication and suppression of the TH1 immune system. 

All of a sudden the client who started with quiescent viral loading (we all carry trillions of viruses within our genome), now has parasitic and viral related health issues.

Fundamentally clients with a parasitic infection are TH2 dominant.  So if we can get the TH2 back down, by knocking out the parasites, then TH1 can come back up again. 

How do we modulate the immune system?


When wishing to Detox it is vital to prepare the ground with Drainage support first.

When our Drainage systems are not working adequately the body can easily get thrown into over-whelm during a detox.  Especially when detoxifying parasites and heavy metals.

This, of course, depends on the genetic profile of the individual.  When individuals are pre-disposed genetically to oxidative stress and inflammation, then challenges attributed to detoxification will be increased.

Definition of Detox: pulling out of chemicals, heavy metals, pesticides, glyphosates, herbicides, radiation.

Definition of Drainage: pathways of detoxification not working adequately, and therefore leading to a backing up of toxic release from the system.

Example of Drainage issues that need to be addressed PRIOR to Heavy Metal Chelation and parasite cleansing:

Leaky gut is a drainage issue. When constipated it’s the draining pathways clogged. The kidney is a draining pathway. The liver bile duct is one of the most important draining pathways in the whole mix. The lymphatic system is draining pathways. The glymphatic or the brain lymphatic system, the skin.  Keeping all these pathways clear and healthy during detox will help to minimise symptoms. Making sure you prepare the body and then focus on drainage during the detox is key.

Parasites often clog up the liver bile duct area.  Certain parasites love the liver bile duct-like Strongyloides and flukes residing there and clogging it up.  Killing off parasites is a part of opening up the drainage pathways, hence why it is the first step in breaking down the three shields. Elimination of parasites is also a fundamental step within a heavy metal detox regardless of whether Lyme is present. Both Heavy Metals and Mould spore can live inside parasites since parasites are hungry for both. 


Parasites is a modern-day epidemic.  There are 134 species of parasites.  And Lyme disease can live inside a parasite.  So if you have Lyme disease and you have parasite issues then you’re not going to get to that Lyme bacteria if it’s within the parasite.  First, go after the parasites.

We all have parasites to one degree or another, which can take more than a month to eliminate when taking the correct herbs Ascaris lumbricoides (a type of roundworm) right down to pinworm.  There is usually a sequence with the elimination of the larger ones first.  Parasites have a 2-week replication cycle, affected by the waxing and waning of the moon.  So you can see improvements but then there’s another wave, so the rule of thumb is to be consistent and persistent.


Heavy metal toxicity is a modern-day epidemic.  Mercury from tuna, fillings or vaccinations.  Lead and arsenic from rice harvested in China, lead from older water pipes. Cadmium from our soil too. Aluminium is off the charts too.

It’s a big issue, one which we are all encountering since we share one earth, one atmosphere the fundamental truth is that we are all affected.

Riding the body from heavy metals helps to peel away the biofilm and release the pathogens which can be a very good thing – ultimately.  However, by the same token, the health of the individual is key as to whether they will become over-whelmed by this process and become sicker before their health improves.  Heavy metals should be the second detoxification after parasites.


Mould will also act as a shield to Lyme.  Therefore if you are living in a mouldy house it doesn’t matter what treatment is used, the source of mould needs to be removed if you are going to get well.  The third and last protective mechanism is that needs to be addressed is mould.

Once we have addressed parasites, heavy metals and mould there are no great defence mechanisms for the Lyme to hide in, making it far easier to clean up by assisting the immune system to take care of Lyme.

The Foundation & Comprehensive Protocols

If you’re dealing with low levels of chronic illness, infection, or symptoms that come and go, the foundational protocol is a great place to start. This 4 month, 4 step approach was created to help you touch on the main aspects of health restoration that are foundational for your success.

If you’re dealing with intense levels of chronic illness and are ready to dive all-in, work with your practitioner through the comprehensive protocol. This 10 month, 5 phase approach is designed to go deep into each Phase of the Roadmap to Health as you journey towards complete health restoration.

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