My Mission

Nutritional biochemistry is by definition scientific, yet my approach to Nutritional Therapy has always been holistic.  Being capable of navigating through the complexities of a chronic health condition has always been more about ‘reading between the lines’ whilst considering multiple symptoms.   Beautifully illustrated by challenged organs and systems collapsing into each other within all complex chronic health conditions.  Understanding how to read between the lines, rather than getting caught up in singular symptoms, and palliating each individual symptom, for instance.  

Ultimately I stand to make a difference in the lives of my clients, and in clinical practice by offering a viable, natural and effective antidote to the pharmaceutical model. It is by reading between the lines that enable me to do this best.  

My mission as a holistic health coach is simple:

To inform you, to wake you up, to shake you up, to join the dots, to re-present your health story in a way that makes sense to you, and is empowering for you.

What I want for you:

To claim back your health and your energy. So that you are able to live the life you were born for. To live on ‘your purpose’. Because I believe that by not living the life that we were born to lead, this can ultimately be the highest price that we ever pay.  Being the biggest tax on all our energies.

I have always believed that seeking for true health is as much of a spiritual quest as a biological one. Heal the body and re-connect with spirit. Since spirit connects us with our talents and passions which make us come alive!

My story

My body grew up on a vegetarian diet.  Although assumed healthy, in addition to the lentils and rice it also consisted of lots of cheese, milk, Flora margarine, bread and a tonne of sugar.

However, in later life, it has grown, birthed and nourished three beautiful and healthy children.  But it was not all plain sailing.  During my 25 years of adult life my body has suffered chronic illness (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), plentiful food addictions, chronic anxiety and the debilitating virtually unheard of condition; Benign Fasciculation Syndrome.

Yet, with a variety of dietary and lifestyle changes, commitment to self and health, over time, it has become stronger and stronger.
Balance and wellbeing are what I strive for daily. Although a juggling act, with three children and running my own business – with daily persistence, commitment, gratitude, and faith it is entirely achievable.

To this day unless I take 100% complete care of my self; nourish myself daily, love myself daily, honour my circadian rhythms daily, then symptoms of my underlying imbalances can and do still creep back in. And sometimes take great hold over my life once again.

a bit of background …

I developed Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS) and multiple food intolerances in my early 20’s. My lowered thresh-hold to environmental and biological stressors were the direct result of toxins inhaled and absorbed whilst painting and welding 40 hours a week during a three year Arts degree course.  The solvents; resins; heavy metals; cadmium and lead all overwhelmed my detoxification systems.  

General practice medicine did not recognise my condition.  Back then there was no understanding of Coeliac let alone gluten or other food intolerances.  In medical terms, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome didn’t exist. Some called it Yuppy flue! Even today it remains an incredulous and misunderstood health condition.

I was fortunate, I stumbled across information sources which changed my thinking and my life.  Consequently, I sought nutritional advice and worked closely with a kinesiologist.  It took 7 months to get me off the bed. And then another 7 years to regain full control.

However my health story and health crisis did not end there.  I went on to have three children within the space of 5 years, breastfeeding or pregnant continually for  years. And then 7 years after the birth of my first child one of my children had an accident that shocked our family to it’s core.  I developed an extreme presentation of PTSD initiating a complete break-down of my nervous system. The shockingly high levels of metal, specifically ‘lead’ circulating within my blood and deposited within my nervous-system tissues, when combined with the neurological impact of witnessing my son in extreme injury and pain, re-wired my limbic system to a much lower thresh-hold of stress. This neurological reset point initiated the worst form and case of ‘Benign Fasciculation Symdrome’ that I have heard of.   

Health is not just about healing the body, it’s about finding Joy, Meaning and Purpose within our lives

What I’ve learned changed my life forever

Essentially this was my wake-up-call, inspiring me to take better care of my body.  

Admittedly it was my second round of illness, when I was hit with Benign Fasciculation Syndrome that moved me to go deeper.  Health became not only about nourishment for the body, but the soul too and how I connected to my life.  

For my body

I drank green smoothies, skin brushed daily, hot and cold showers daily, I bought a FIR sauna and took saunas daily, I cleansed my detoxification systems; liver, kidneys, gut, my cells.. and further to committed to an alcohol free, sugar free, gluten free diet, lactose free diet which lasted nearly 20 years.

For my mind

I read all the material I could get my hands on that related to my health…

Power is knowledge right! So educating myself in the subject that had the greatest meaning for me seemed like the only sensible choice.

For my spirit

I was fortunate enough to be introduced to the concept of daily meditation practice and inner work by my mother from the age of 4 years, so maintaining forms of committed practice through meditation, prayer, yoga, affirmations and then saying YES to my life by bringing those concepts into how I lived life was paramount.  

Next on my list was having fun … Which then begs the questions; Does this give me Joy?  Does this make me happy? If the answers are no, move on.