Part 2: What is Chronic Fatigue? Multiple systems under-functioning: The Perfect Storm

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is a notoriously tricky illness to pin-down.  Since CFS related health-issues tend to be serious to the degree that it can be life-altering, but they are usually not so serious that they become a classified disease like heart disease.  This is not only confusing to the sufferer but immensely frustrating too since […]

Part 1: What is Chronic Fatigue? The definition of complex adaptive systems

Chronic Fatigue, otherwise known as ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis), is a harrowing and debilitating condition, with no differential diagnosis in medical terms.  Diagnosis is exclusion based only, therefore other conditions similar by experience and presentation of symptoms must first be eliminated. To receive the diagnosis of CFS/ME other possibilities such as cancer, liver disease, heart disease, […]

Chronic Diseases of the 21st Century

DISEASE DELUSION – Anna’s commentary The father of Functional Medicine Jeffery Bland asks you to cast your mind back to the late nineteenth century and recall the diseases that brought fear and loss to many.. diphtheria, whooping cough, pneumonia, influenza, even plague routinely swept our county. These diseases were the reality for many that decimated […]

DNA Panels; a new age in health testing is here

There is a relatively new, and very exciting area in Nutritional Therapy called nutrigenomics.  Nutrigenomics explores the relationship between your diet and your genes.  Whether we eat, drink, move or breathe, we initiate interactions between our genes (nature) and their environment (nurture). This is nutrigenomics in actions, every minute of every day.  Nutrigenomics is often […]

Fatigue and Toxic Stress

What is Toxic Stress? Stress can be toxic, or it can be beneficial.  Simply put, toxic stress is stress that we are no longer able to adapt to.  It is stress that tips us over the edge, and we all know what that can feel like. Overwhelm.   Stress that is toxic can be defined as […]