Detoxification & Liver Cleansing as a Whole body System: Part 3

For over 25 years my exploration and journey through the various levels and processes of detoxification, specifically heavy metal oral chelation, mycotoxin and chemical detox have all helped me to finally break-free from 20 years of debilitating illness and many health challenges along the way. 

Along this journey I’ve discovered that ‘suffering enough’ from environmental toxicity) is one way to learn one’s lessons ..

Detoxification & Genomics as a Whole body System: Part 2

On this page we will explore how Genomics (Epigenetics and Nutrigenomics) directly affects our health, and capacity to detoxify efficiently. 

We will also explore why some people are prone to storing toxins, compared to others who appear to get away with abusing their body and health!

Then we’ll look at how you can harness your genomic potential ..

Detoxification & Stress, exploring HSPs & ACEs: Part 1

On this page we will explore how stress directly affects our capacity to detoxify efficiently. 

We will also explore why some people are more prone to stress than others, and even why some people are biologically ‘wired’ to pick-up on environmental stimuli and therefore be pre-disposed to stress.

We will explore what you can do, if you are one of these people, so you may have lived a life feeling over-whelmed most of the time. 

Are you getting dumber? And how might Spike Protein be interrupting your intuition?

In this post I’d like to explore intuition as we know it, and as it has been studied scientifically.

So, it’s a big myth that intuition is psychic phenomenon. Psychic phenomenon is an intuitive gift, but it’s not intuition in the way that it has been studied.

South African Physician – Spells out the bigger picture

“There are inconsistencies, fearmongering, and coercion.  The question is why?

The pathogen that was causing death, the pathogen within the virus, is the spike protein.  Spike protein is also what the vaxxine programmes your body to make.  Therefore, those who have received the Jab, are now pathogen creators. 

Is Gillick Competency good enough? AND why should children as young as 12 years be vaccinated in September?

Will You Give Informed Consent For Your Child To Get The Covid-19 Injection?
1. The plan to vaccinate children against COVID-19 without parental consent, using only the Gillick competency concept, to determine if the children understand the potential health implications. However, this system is flawed, since reactions to this medical device remain unknown. Literally, NO ONE knows …


Dr Northrop speaks of the unusual symptoms experienced and reported by women from around the world since the administration of the mRNA gene therapy transfection jabs.  They are not vaccines, and therefore we cannot rightfully call them vaccines, since is medical mislabelling. The women who are reporting these symptoms have not been jabbed. 

Food Intolerance Testing

Food Intolerance testing has become popular over recent years. And with so many people suffering from chronic diseases it’s no wonder. Thankfully General Practice medicine has become more knowledgeable about food intolerances and sensitivities in recent years, unlike 25 years ago when it was not even recognised or appreciated as a viable health issue. However, it was 25 years ago when Anna identified her food intolerances with kinesiology.


We pick up parasites from our water sources, from our food, from our animals.  Whether we are paleo, keto or vegan and plant-based, you can still have parasites like Roundworm in the vegetables that you eat.  Toxoplasmosis is transmitted from cats through their kitty litter.