All living organisms have developed complex adaptive systems to survive within their ever-changing environments.  This includes our human biological systems, responsible for growth, repair, energy and survival.  Our human biological systems have developed these adaptive systems as a way to survive ever-changing environmental and economic conditions, including cyclical times of feast and famine. When food […]

How to Detoxify Elegantly and Intuitively

We live in a toxic world, and so by default, we would all benefit from routine detoxification. Within a previous post, I talk about why some people have an increased requirement for routine detoxification; this can be epigenetic; meaning lifestyle or environmentally influenced.    Epigenetics determines those who require daily or routine detoxification in the […]

Why should you consider your genes?

As a nutritionist, we are privileged to work with a variety of client cases. Variety brings comparison. And with that, an informed understanding over time, that by applying the same protocol to the same condition in different individuals, we do not bring about the same results. The question then has to be asked, Why? When […]

Hormones 101, go DUTCH

This month I would like to bring the fabulous DUTCH test into focus. acronym for; Dry Urine Test For Comprehensive Hormones

If you think you have issues with chronic stress, that is affecting your hormones then this is the test for you to complete.  Like most private LAB tests it can be done in the privacy of your home, taking only minutes to complete.

Heavy Metals and the Glymphatic System

Are we only as healthy as … How Well We Eliminate Waste … from our bodies? Detoxification is critical to the success or every healing program.  Since we are bombarded by environmental intoxicants 24/7 both from inside our homes, to the products we lather onto our skin, the food we eat and the air we […]

Part 2: Healing chronic illness in our kids, and setting the stage for a healthy baby

Cont …  Of course, there are forces we are never going to be able to control, and even when we do everything right there are still some people with a greater number of SNP’s and therefore higher level of biochemical over-whelm in the face of the toxic soup existing within our environments today. As one […]

Part 1: Healing chronic illness in our kids, and setting the stage for a healthy baby

Kids seem to be getting sicker and sicker.  Or at least most kids do not seem to be 100% well. What infant does not have some dry eczema patches on their body or bright red rough cheeks?  Or what baby or newborn isn’t diagnosed with reflux! Eczema, asthma, or autism, or an auto-immune illness are […]

Lyme & the three shields: Links between heavy metal toxicity and other organisms

TOXICITY, A MODERN DAY EPIDEMIC Lyme & the three shields: a co-dependant ecosystem “It’s never JUST the ONE THING when we have a chronic health condition” LYME There is a big link between heavy metal loading as a protective mechanism, as a shield, primarily within the biofilm world. Lyme, is a complex organism, in the […]

Top 5 can-do’s to positively influence your health NOW!

5 Healthy Daily Habits 1.  Go to bed at 9pm 2.  Commit to NO BLUE LIGHT from computer screens or phones past sun-down. And when you do, wear amber glasses to block out the light. 3.  Have your last meal 3 hours before bedtime 4.  Break your fast more than 12 hours after your last […]

Nutrients to support Genetic Detoxification

The very notion of detoxification brings up images in the mind of juicing, skin brushing, saunas, salads, perhaps tinged with deprivation. The desire to detox usually comes from desperation.  From having over-indulged from either recent events such as Christmas, or from an over-spent youth and abuse in former years. Facing the fact that we are […]

Part 6: What is Chronic Fatigue? Maladaptive stress responses and what this does to your life.

Once the body becomes chronically ill, stress is no longer JUST stress. Rather, we become kindled to respond to all stressors with heightened responses.  Lowering our reception of dopamine, inflaming tissues throughout our body, disarming the immune system, weakening the gut, increasing the propensity to food allergies and allergies to all chemical triggers. There is […]

Part 5: What is Chronic Fatigue? The Nervous System, Re-Wired for Stress

There is a vicious cycle within Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, where-by long-term chronic stress can be the main determiner to our stress thresh-hold in the long-term. This is neuro-plasticity, meaning changeable.  Simply put our nervous systems are capable of forming new pathways for better or for worse.  Neuro-plasticity means our brains respond to stimulation, which over time, literally changes […]