The Truth About Transfection & Spikopathy, & How This Affects Human Health

On this page we will explore Transfection (the new term given to the self-spreading mRNA-generated Spike-proteins) and Spikopathy (the new term given to diseases resulting from Transfection), addressing the questions:

What is Transfection?

What is Spikopathy?

Next, we explore the downstream consequences of Transfection & Spikopathy.  How does the pathogenicity of Spike-protein directly affect our health and the health of our loved ones?

  1. The rise in neurological conditions
  2. The rise in auto-immune conditions
  3. The rise in Mast Cell Activation Syndrome and CFS / ME (re-named as Long-COVID) but could be understood more broadly as Persistent Viral Loading.  Persistent Viral Loading leads to persistent fatigue.  

And then in next month’s blog we explore epigenetic vulnerability to Spikopathy.  Why are some people more prone than others to the acute symptoms of Transfection and Spikopathy, when Spike-protein docks into vulnerable tissues.   

Lastly, we’ll take a deep dive into the various medicinal compounds that have been (at best) touted to be protective against the damage caused by Transfection, or (at the very least) to mitigate the deleterious effects of Spikopathy.  

Let’s be clear: Modified RNA means this vaccine is different from all other vaccines. Which also means we should be adopting a new thinking style when asking questions about the COVID-19 vaccinations

What Is Transfection & What is Spikopathy?

‘Transfection’ is another ‘new term’ now given for ‘shedding of the COVID-19 vaccines’, that describes the mechanism of action with reference to the mRNA vaccines more accurately.  This is because the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines are not ‘true vaccines’ in that they are not providing a prophylactic dose of the live virus, in order to elicit an immune response. Instead the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines are inserting mRNA machinery into the DNA to potentially permanently switch the DNA on to create the pathogenic Spike-protein. The theory behind this is if we can mount an immune response against the pathogenic Spike-protein, in theory we could prevent this virus from infecting the body. That is the theory behind the mRNA technology within the COVID-19 vaccines. However, the mRNA machinery is a pathogen creator and therefore the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines cannot actually ‘shed’, instead they ‘trans-infect’ (Transfect) the pathogenic Spike-proteins.

The pathogenicity of these self-spreading Spike-proteins which result from the mRNA machinery has resulted in a new category of disease, which have also now been given a new term – ‘Spikopathy’, coined by Dr Alexandra Henrion. 

Dr Alexandra Henrion has been studying the poisonous effects of the Spike proteins that are being generated by all those who have received these ‘interesting injections’. We will look at her research now:

Dr. Alexandra Henrion Caude Talks About Spikopathy As The New Pathology of Spike Protein Induced Diseases

World Council For Health Interview Dr. Alexandra Henrion Caude ~ a geneticist and Director of Research at the French National Institute of Health. Full transcripts are available on the WCH Portal.

The mRNA vaccines and the pathogenicity of the poisonous effects of the Spike-protein have created a new category of disease.  The primary parent ‘new term’ for pathogenesis arising from the Spike-protein (now being generated within the bodies of all those who have received these ‘interesting Jabs’) has been coined “Spikopathy”. This term was created by Dr. Alexandra Henrion Caude.

The mRNA vaxxines were designed specifically for the translation of the mRNA into Spike-protein DNA, and this was achieved successfully with an increased ‘duration’ of Spike-protein production.

The increased duration is now presenting a very real threat and human health risk, since there is currently no evidence to show ‘when the messenger RNA is degraded’.

Clinicians, researchers and scientists are now all looking for any sort of information related to this specific mRNA degradation, but so far cannot find any suggestion of degradation.

So the optimal form of action at this stage would be to optimise immune responses from the antigen, the Spike-protein.

Potential toxicity includes the translation and the duration of mRNA into Spike-protein, the inflammatory activity that follows and the use of unnatural modified nucleoside, and the anti-self mRNA antibodies that will be generated and play a role in molecular mimicry, and subsequent autoimmune diseases.

The Pfizer documents ‘BELOW within this Blog’ show that we already knew about the self-spreadable mechanisms of the mRNA injections, in particular, that those who agreed to receive the mRNA technology could spread it to the entire planet. But the clinical trials were not well-designed, or designed specifically to avoid detail on its pathogenicity, and consequences of cancers and toxicity.

There is an updated list of the registered mRNAs based clinical trials that you can find on  where we have seen 70 clinical trials, with 53 trials targeting COVID-19 and a further 17 trials on other diseases.

This shows that we were not so advanced when it comes to these kinds of technologies; with most of the trials in phase one and phase two, and hardly any ever reaching phase three.

A Little History & Context:

Dr. Alexandra Henrion Caude informs us that the very first trial of mRNA vaccines was in fact in 1992, so this is not ‘new’ technology as we were led to believe.

During the original trials, the mRNA encoding vasopressin was injected into the brain of rats with impressive results, resulting in a temporary reversal of the disease diabetes, observed within hours of the injection.

In 2019 there was a review, comparing plasmid DNA with mRNA concerning advancements in vaccine technologies. The review observed that despite the promising hope for gene therapy using DNA, we were behind with mRNA.

The Research & Development Concerns for mRNA vaccines in 2019 include:

  1. Stabilisation of the mRNA messenger was achieved by the encapsulation of the mRNA into the LNPs (lipid nanoparticles), and the stablisation is because there have been changes in the genetic code – in a manner that had never been tested.
  2. Are there any cells that cannot be reached by the mRNA technologies that we are being used?
  3. The escape of mRNA messenger from the endosome, then delivering the messenger mRNA directly to the dendritic cells. Endosomes are primarily intracellular sorting organelles. They regulate the trafficking of proteins and lipids among other subcellular compartments of the secretory and endocytic pathways.

Previously it was confirmed that the mRNA technology was limited to reaching the dendritic cells only, however, this is not the case.

A recently released paper from 20th November 2022, also pre-published online October 15th, shows that we have circulating exosomes with the spike protein, because of the Pfizer Jabs. This is a very important piece of data because it means that you will essentially get the spike protein everywhere and very easy to disseminate because of circulating exosomes. 

Circulating exosomes are a fantastic mode of transport into the body and also into liquid external fluid.

Informed Consent of Antibody-Dependent Enhancement (ADE):

There is an article by Cardos et Veazey specifically asking for an informed consent disclosure to these vaccine trials. Given that there was overwhelming evidence pointing toward a serious mechanistic concern of the COVID-19 mRNA vaxxines actually worsening the clinical disease via a mechanism known as Pathogenic-Priming or ADE – Antibody-Dependent Enhancement.

The questions is, why was an informed consent disclosure requested?

Pathogenic-Priming or ADE – Antibody-Dependent Enhancement describes the mechanism whereby Spike-protein elicits neutralising antibodies leading to an impaired mechanism resulting in ADE, Antibody Dependent Enhancement: COVID-19 risk of ADE should have been and should be prominently and independently disclosed to research subjects currently in vaccine trials, as well as those being recruited for the trials and future patients after vaccine approval, in order to meet the medical ethics standards of patient comprehension for informed consent.

Article on micro mRNAs in solving COVID-19 puzzle from infection to therapeutics:

SARS-CoV-2 has the potential to dysregulate new murals cellular pathways, perhaps leading to an increase in anomalies in patients with comorbidities, such as cardiovascular diseases, renal failure, pulmonary complications, cancer, obesity, diabetes, and so on. And states the dysregulation of micro RNA in the different disorders that are linked to COVID-19 and the dysregulation of the targets: ACE2 or Neuropilin-1. ACE2 or Neuropilin-1 are the receptor sites that will bind to Spike-protein.

One really needs to ask – how many diseases that we are currently facing are actually spike-protein related, produced by the mRNA vaxxines?

We always knew that Spike-protein was a hotspot for mutation and we now observe that there is a very high number of variants and therefore mutations in these mRNA viruses. So, this result is both predictable and unsurprising.  Furthermore, if you consider that, if one wanted to create variants in a virus then the most viable route would be to change tangents in the Spike. 

Furthermore, there are a high number of potential binding sites for S-protein within the body; The S-protein receptors are ACE2, CD 1 4 7, CD 26, TLR and GP2b3a and Neuropilin-1.

Another concern is the circulation of Spike-protein within the brain.

A very recent paper shows that the Spike-proteins would induce pathological changes in the delivery and the metabolic function within the brain.

Dr. Alexandra Henrion Caude and her team wrote a letter to the European Medicinal Agency (the EMA) about this concern and the EMA did reply to say that the injections would be leading to cancer or toxicity. And so, Dr. Alexandra Henrion Caude and her team wrote to ask what they were doing to circumvent or to trace any of these aspects.

The first part of the answer was to say that they didn’t do the studies because it would take time and money and human resource constraints to do such studies.

This is very puzzling when you consider that we are injecting billions of doses. The other part of the answer was also a bit puzzling, focusing on one of the lipid nanoparticles (ALC 0 1 5 9). And they were saying that one shouldn’t really worry as to the toxicity of this specific LNP, because they were using low doses of it and we were to only inject it twice!

Maybe they didn’t know that the idea was to repeatedly use this injection and to have boosters?

Dr. Alexandra Henrion Caude’s Main Concerns: 

> Activation of sleeping andogenous viral genome sequence, typically the H E R V – W envelope.

> SARS-CoV-2 as well as Spike-protein stimulation leads to an increased expression of this sleepy messenger in our cells. Eliciting a number of concerns that the production of an envelope of H E R V – W can lead to.

> Spike-protein impairs the DNA and inhibits VDJ recombination.

> The mitochondrial dynamics are altered by Spikeprotein alone.

> Spike-protein in the endothelial cells is also problematic.

> Spike-protein can enter brain endothelial cells. 

A Final Message From Dr. Alexandra Henrion Caude – What To Expect:

Antibody-Dependent Enhancement and enhanced respiratory diseases.

Downstream consequences of the mRNA injection (mRNA sickness) typically resulting from the LNPs (Lipid Nano Particles).

Metal contaminants in Pfizer, and Moderna in that studies coming out of Japan show metal contaminants which will lead to some sickness.

At the very least everyone should be encouraged to diminish the quantity of Spike-protein that is bound to the receptors and therefore to use any sort of strategy that would help to alleviate the possibility of it to bind.

Research & Content Rich Resources

From the start of the Coronavirus Pandemic, the pathogen that was causing death, ‘The Pathogen Within The Coronavirus’, IS the SPIKE-PROTEIN. Now, think about that for one moment… And then consider this:

‘Spike-protein’ is also ‘what’ COVID-Jabs programme your body to make.  Therefore, those who have received any one of the COVID-Jabs are now pathogen creators. 

Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Dr. Carrie Madej, Dr. Larry Palevsky, Dr. Christiane Northrop, Dr. Lee Merritt and Paediatrician Maurine McDonald, discus medical reports which demonstrate that transmission of the Covid transfection mRNA Jab.   

Those who did not subject themselves to this global medical experiment are getting infected anyway, or transfected via transmission of the material from the mRNA device. 

Before you dismiss this as poppycock, self-spreading vaccines are no myth. Page number 45 from this PDF produced by Johns Hopkins University demonstrates that self-spreading vaccines do already exist.  Self-disseminating vaccines for emerging infectious diseases has existed since 2016, according to this study .

Pfizer officially admits in their own documents that the experimental mRNA trial subjects are Super Spreaders who transmit disease to the unvaccinated. During Pfizer’s clinical trials it’s cleverly termed “occupational exposure”.

“This machinery, when injected into the vaccinated has turned their cells into synthetic Spike-protein making factories. The unsuspecting unvaccinated population who have unintentional contact with the mRNA vaccinated become infected through pheromones, skin and breath. 

This is a blatant violation of the Nuremberg Code from 1947.

When RNA fragments go into your DNA it literally changes your binary code, like computer code programming, if you like.  We have 10 billion miles of DNA, so the question is, when accepting these devices into our cells, does this change who we are? 

Some are asking, are we even human after that?  Certainly, morally and spiritually, these are questions we should be asking.” Carrie Madej.






Could your drinking water be contaminated with spike protein?ines

ANH founder Rob Verkerk PhD takes a dispassionate look at the evidence and recommends we install point of use reverse osmosis filters

Once we acknowledge that Transfection and Spikopathy are not only real, but pose very real biological threats to self and others, we need to ask some questions:

Exactly How Does Spikopathy affect my health? 

And if I am Jabbed, how do I affect the health of my loved ones via Transfection?

These are not easy questions to ask, given that many people agreed to receive these mRNA Spike-protein generating machinery injections BECAUSE they believed that they were protecting their loved ones.  And in many cases took it for what they sincerely believed to be for the ‘Greater Good’.

We will now explore the risks and pathogenicities induced by Spikopathy:

1) Molecular Mimicry & Autoimmune Conditions Triggered By Reactivated Spike-Protein & Co-infections

2) Mast Cell Activation Syndrome & Long COVID

3) The Bolus Theory & Immediate Collateral Damage


1) CIRCULATING SPIKE-PROTEIN: Leading to a Rise in Co-Infections & Serious Autoimmune Diseases, Post COVID-Jabs

Molecular-mimicry occurs when sequence similarity occurs between foreign (pathogens such as viruses or food such as gluten) and self (heart, joints, basal ganglia, kidneys, skin, gut or systemically) – peptides, which then results in the activation of Self-Reactive T or B cells’

Now, let’s explore how SARS-CoV-2 Spike-protein has caused a rapid rise is neuro-psychiatric auto-immune behaviours. 

Acknowledging the problems: 

  1. Circulating Spike-protein is now a global issue, with 2/3rds of the world’s population currently injected within the mRNA technology continually producing Spike-protein through the human genome of each injected individual.
  2. Clinicians have seen a subsequent rise in numerous co-infections since the dissemination of this mRNA Spike-protein generating machinery.
  3. The inventor of the mRNA technology, Rob Malone, has clearly stated that there is no suggestion that this machinery will ever switch off.  
  4. Molecular-mimicry links Sars-CoV-2 Spike-protein with auto-immune encephalitis which describes inflammation of the brain as encephalopathy. 

We now know that Sars-CoV-2 Spike-protein triggers an autoimmune relationship directly resulting in inflammation of the brain as encephalopathy, as well as triggers a re-activation of quiescent stealth bugs which triggers further autoimmunity.  

Autoimmunity is triggered by sequence homology otherwise termed ‘molecular mimicry’.  Molecular mimicry happens when parts of our body are identical in sequence to the antigen made against the offending pathogen. This relationship between Spike-protein and self is now happening.

There now exists multiple health concerns resulting from circulating Spike-protein generated by the mRNA Spike-protein generating machinery via COVID injections

Primarily, there is concern about circulating Spike-proteins which are cytotoxic particles now rampaging through our vascular system, subsequently triggering an array of primary adverse health events including thrombosis and cardiovascular health issues in both COVID-Jabbed and non COVID-Jabbed individuals.

Secondary concerns include, but not limited to circulating Spike-protein re-activating quiescent stealth bugs as mentioned above.

Examples of pathogens and re-activated stealth bugs that can trigger an autoimmune relationship via molecular-mimicry are RSV, influenza, Strep A, Scarlet fever, EBV, HHV6, Varicella Zoster. 

Moleculera Labs in the US are concerned with the rise in these infections; RSV, influenza, Strep A (Streptococcus pyogenes), and Scarlet fever in children.  With Streptococcus pyogenes being of particular concern due to its link to auto-immune encephalitis, acute rheumatic fever, and P.A.N.D.A.S. which stands for ‘Paediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Streptococcus’.

Streptococcus pyogenes elicits specific antibodies which can target tissues within parts of the brain, triggering sequence homology between the human dopamine receptors within the brain and Spike-protein. This cross-linking relationship, between Strep pyogenes typically results in psychiatric autoimmunity. 

Some historical context:

Streptococcus pyogenes has always posed a threat to young children.  Following an active infection of Streptococcus pyogenes, children are often misdiagnosed as ADD / ADHD, OCD, presenting with tics, personality and behavioural disorders such as aggressive psychiatric behaviours, anxiety, poor concentration, depression, mood instability, brain-fog, a tendency toward self-harm.  Circulating Spike-protein is enough to elicit a reactivation of Streptococcus pyogenes from a previous infection, which also results in the same neurological changes.

Other symptoms can include joint pain and connective tissue pain, as well as loss of fine motor control presenting as disorganised, involuntary and often disturbing choreiform limb movements

AONM & Armin Labs (a leading lab and educational resource with a specific interest in the identification and resolution of chronic viral loading and associated pathogenicity) are concerned with the rise in reactivated herpes infections such as EBV, herpes simplex 1&2, Varicella Zoster, and HHV6, resulting from circulating Spike-protein. Reactivated infections of one or more of the herpes family has been clinically linked to Long-COVID. 

It’s worth noting that, whether you are at risk of RSV, influenza, Strep A, Scarlet fever, EBV, HHV6, or Varicella Zoster, a history of autoimmunity and familial autoimmunity will always elicit a heightened response. 


  1. Group A strep
  2. Influenza A
  3. Varicella Zoster
  4. Mycoplasma
  5. Lyme Disease
  6. Babesia
  7. Bartonella
  8. Coxsackie
  9. SARS-CoV-2

2) Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS), Viral-Reactivation & Long-COVID

What Is Mast Cell Activation Syndrome?

Mast Cell Activation Syndrome typically happens when a person is born with abnormal, over-reactive, over-zealous mast cells, and affects 17% of the population. However, Mast Cell Activation Syndrome is not limited to just those born with this genetic trait. Epigenetic triggers can also mean that when our genes become ‘dirtied’ by environmental factors, then our lifestyle choices and environments can also push our mast cells into a hyper-vigilant state. Mast cells typically have the responsibility of protecting our body through an immune response, however, they can become over-reactive and unruly when the trigger is persistent. When this happens, Mast Cell Activation Syndrome quickly becomes a complex condition to tackle that requires a clinical level of intervention and care to manage and resolve.

Where do we find mast cells?

Mast cells are literally everywhere! They are under the skin, they line the sinuses within the mucous membranes, they line our lungs within the mucous membranes, and they line our gut within the mucous membranes. 
With mast cells being present in the majority of our biological tissues throughout the body, they can release over 200 inflammatory mediators which leads to systemic inflammation resulting in numerous inflammatory-related conditions.  There are literally 1000’s of different cytokines released by our mast cells, most of which is histamine.  When triggered, this histamine then floods our system, causing inflammation throughout our body.

What is the role of mast cells?

The role of mast cells is to stop pathological invaders from getting into the body!

Examples of MCAS-induced pathogenicity:

MCAS can show up as I.B.S. – P.O.T.S. in the gut.
MCAS can show up as neurological symptoms since mast cells line all of our nerves. 
MCAS can show up as inflammation in the brain. 
MCAS can show up in our skin as eczema, rosacea and fluid retention.
MCAS can show up in our joints as aches, and pains. 

Dr Tina Peers is at the forefront in research on treatment for Mast Cell Activation Syndrome.

Furthermore, throughout 2020-2023 her clinical practice and research has recognised the similarity in treatment for MCAS to treatment for Long-COVID. She informs us that MCAS and Long-COVID share many common symptoms since these two pathogenicities are unsurprisingly very closely interrelated. 

Let’s find out why?

When focusing on symptoms rather than triggers, MCAS and Long-COVID could easily be confused as the same complex-health-condition, since they share many common symptoms due to the MCAS element embedded within Long-COVID. However, when treating for Long-COVID not every patient with persistent viral loading has manifested MCAS.  

In the language of Long-COVID we must start to think of persistent viral loading in terms of persistent Spike-protein exposure & loading.

In the language of MCAS we must start to think of the Toxin & Trigger in terms of active Spike-protein exposure & loading.

Exposure to a toxin (in this case Spike-protein) is the first variable to look at in both Long-COVID and MCAS. Then we consider prior detoxification status and epigenetic predispositions to detoxification, methylation, mitochondrial performance, pro-inflammatory cascades, and oxidative stress. We also consider Vagal Nerve health and toning, current hormone profile, environmental toxicant loading, stealth-bug loading, and more. Since all of these factors play a significant role in how we handle the Spike-protein loading right now, as well as in the future, we must learn to look at Spike-protein induced pathologies realistically and wholistically. 

Mast Cell Activation Syndrome can be brought on by a virus, not just COVID (Spike-protein)

All viruses can leave the legacy of persistent viral loading; EBV, HHV6, SARS-CoV-2, and numerous other viruses potentiate mitochondrial insufficiency as well as increased histamine loading, which can then lead to MCAS, especially in those genetically pre-disposed to MCAS.

Once the virus has created a legacy, by eliciting autoimmunity and triggering The Cell Danger Response, in their persistent form these viruses continue to wreak havoc under the guise of low-grade chronic health conditions such as Glandular Fever, Chronic Fatigue, and now Long-COVID.  Once a stage has been set, then begins a never-ending dance between Cell Danger Response, cell death (apoptosis), mitochondrial insufficiency, adrenal-pituitary-hypothalamic maladaptation, and Mast Cell Activation Syndrome.  Among all this, we see a rise in toxic metabolic by-products such as ammonia, reduced detoxification capacity, high oxalates, high heavy metal loading – blocking cellular functions, higher levels of systemic candida and perhaps other pathogens too such as clostridia and systemic parasites.  

It ends up presenting being quite a mess, as the poor suffering person feels like they have persistent flu that simply will not go away.  Sufferers can experience long-term malaise, which is extremely hard to weather, especially over time. And it can, and usually does go unrecognised for years, whilst sufferers continue with complex symptoms that affect all parts of their body; skin, GI tract, heart, respiratory and neurological systems, and so on.

Spike-protein and MCAS and Epigenetics, is it now a global issue?

Now that Spike-protein is not only spread by the live virus, but is also generated and circulated from within self, friends, teachers and colleagues (if you have received this mRNA technology) on the continuum we must become self-responsible and seek ways to mitigate Spikopathy by detoxing from Spike-protein. This is the only path to protect ourselves from the rise in autoimmune conditions and rise in co-infections.  

The truth is that we are all continually exposed to Spike proteins whether at work, school, college, commuting, shopping, or a stay-at-home mum, and therefore “we are all at risk, walking around within this pathophysiology in us”.  We are all continually exposed to it, either because we’ve taken the mRNA Jabs, or because we are mixing with those who have.  Therefore everyone reading this post is affected (whether you recognise it at this point in human history, or not) and is at serious long-term risk not just from MCAS, but also from a litany of long-term effects; micro-clots, a reduction in T-lymphocytes causing immunosuppression as well as upregulation of the PRB genes, P53 genes and BRCA 1 and more. Did you know that Spike-protein upregulates 17 cancer-causing genes, and we’ve all seen a rise in cancers within the past 2 years! Have we not? 

Once mast cells have been activated systemically (MCAS) the Long-COVID sufferer tends to feel exhausted all of the time, hopeless and helpless.  When left untreated, MCAS symptoms (although present suddenly) never really go away despite our best layman’s efforts, at least not when we take a hit and miss shotgun approach.

Other symptoms may include waking up fatigued and in pain, feeling foggy in the head, and having digestive and anxiety issues. A person with MCAS can get triggered daily if not hourly by their environment; by perfumes, cigarette smoke, exhaust fumes, household chemicals. But they also get triggered by the food they eat; cheeses, strawberries, chocolate, red wine, but also other foods seemingly innocuous to most people can trigger endless and exhausting flare-ups when a person has acquired MCAS.  

Are You Struggling With Symptoms of MCAS?

  • Eye Symptoms: eye pain, redness, trouble focusing, inflammation in the eyes, blurry, itchy, watery, irritated
  • Skin Symptoms: itching, flushing, hives, easy bruising, reddish or a pale complexion, burning sensations, slow healing of skin, hair loss
  • Reproductive System Symptoms: endometriosis, painful periods, hormonal imbalances
  • Urinary Tract Symptoms: inflammation of tissues, burning, pain with urination, urinary tract infection type symptoms
  • Anaphylactic (can be life threatening): difficulty breathing, itchy hives, flushing or pale skin, feeling of warmth, weak and rapid pulse, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, dizziness and fainting
  • Other conditions that may be related to Mast Cell Activation Syndrome: Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, Interstitial Cystitis, certain cancers, Crohn’s disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Diabetes, Ehler’s Danlos Syndrome (EDS), Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS), Autism Spectrum Disorders, and Autoimmunity such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, and Multiple Sclerosis
  • Systemic symptoms: overall fatigue with food, environmental and chemical sensitivities.
  • Chills, sweats, sense of being cold all the time, inflammation, swelling, swollen lymph nodes.
  • Musculoskeletal Symptoms: osteoporosis and osteopenia (even in young people), arthritis that moves around, general muscular and bone pain, hyperflexible joints, degenerative issues
  • Cardiovascular Symptoms: feeling faint or fainting, chest pains, fast heartbeat, heart palpitations, dizziness and lightheadedness when standing up, low blood pressure
  • Digestive Symptoms: mouth burning, gum inflammation, diarrhoea, constipation, cramping, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, reflux, trouble swallowing, throat tightness, malabsorption, bloating, elevation of liver enzymes, increased food sensitivities and food allergies, irritable bowel syndrome
  • Brain and Nervous System Symptoms: brain fog, short term memory issues, trouble recalling words, increased number of headaches and migraines, depression, loss of pleasure in life, nerve pains, trouble with attention, anxiety, insomnia, dizziness, tinnitus, numbness, sweating, tingling and numbness in arms and legs
  • Lungs and Respiratory Symptoms: congestion, coughing, shortness of breath, wheezing, increased mucous production, post-nasal drip, sinus congestion, frequent throat clearing

Functional Lab Testing for Long-COVID, Reactivated Co-Infections & Auto-immunity

There are a number of privately run Laboratories in the UK and abroad, that offer Post-COVID Viral Reactivation testing and Autoimmune antibody testing based on the fact that multiple infections have now been evidenced to reactivate with COVID-19 Spike-protein, especially the herpes and enteroviruses.

AONM now offers two Post-COVID Viral Reactivation Panels via its partner Lab Armin Labs. Both test panels make use of the best available tests for measuring current immune responses to a range of co-infections, which indicate possible current, ongoing or very recent infection, chronic persistent infection, reactivation or reinfections: T-cell tests (EliSpots) and Immunoglobulin A.

AONM now offers the Cunningham Panel™ via its partner Lab Moleculera Labs. This assists clinicians in identifying whether an individual’s neurological and/or other symptoms could be caused by an autoimmune dysfunction. Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), tics, anxiety, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and sometimes behaviours associated with Autism Spectrum Disorders have been found to be caused by a treatable autoimmune condition, triggered by common infections. This panel tests for five markers that can help identify the level of autoimmune antibodies and the capability they have to stimulate and trigger neurological behaviour.

By pairing a Chronic Viral Panel with a Long-COVID panel with our choice of Organic Acid Testing (OAT) you are engaging in what we believe to be the most clinically robust wellness strategy available when working with an experienced practitioner who knows how to translate the markers and tailor recommendations.  

Further Functional testing may also be recommended for tracking changes, to include the analysis of your bloodwork through a Functional Lens.


A Map of The Bolus Theory And Its Various Mechanisms of Harm

“A Bolus is a “Swarm of particles”, a particularly dense group of particles circulating through the vascular system and carpet-bombing the blood cells linings before being diluted into the blood. A Bolus of cytotoxic particles rampaging down one’s vascular system will trigger such dramatically different combinations of adverse Effects.”

The ‘New Novel Vaccines’ & Mechanisms of action leading to mechanisms of injury


When COVID-19 vaccines are injected into your arm, only 25% stay in your arm.  The other 75% is collected by your lymphatic system and fed into your circulation.  These little packages of messenger mRNA (3/4 of the 40 trillion messenger mRNA) are taken by the lymphatic system and go into your bloodstream in these little packages, that are designed to be absorbed into a cell.  As these packages are in circulation, the cells that they will get absorbed into are those around your blood vessels.  The place the absorption happens is in the capillary network; being the tiniest vessels, where the blood slows right down.  Tiny vessels!

These tiny packages of genes are absorbed into the cells around the blood vessels, the vascular endothelium. The packages open, genes are released, your body then gets to work reading these genes whilst manufacturing trillions and trillions of Spike Proteins, because each of the 40 trillion genes produces many Spike Proteins. 

The purpose of a Spike Protein is so that your body recognises it as a foreign protein and makes an antibody against it.  Against the Spike Protein, that’s the idea behind how these vaccines work.


But, here is where the problem occurs. That Spike Protein becomes part of a viral capsule, not to a virus, but within your cells.  It, therefore, becomes a part of your cell wall, within your vascular endothelium, which means these cells that line your blood vessels, which are supposed to be smooth, to that blood flows smoothly, now have spikey bits sticking out.  So, it is inevitable that blood clots will form, because your blood platelets circulated around in your vessels, to detect a damaged vessel and block that vessel to stop bleeding. 

So, when the platelets come through the capillary and suddenly hits all these spikes that are jutting into the vessel, it is inevitable that a blood clot will form to block that vessel.  That is how platelets work.  These spike proteins will predictably cause blood clots.  They are in your blood vessels – it is guaranteed.  The blood clots the Media are claiming to be ‘rare’ are the big blood clots. 

The ones that show up on CT scans, angiograms, MRIs.  The clots we a talking about and warning people about are microscopic.  Tiny, on a capillary level and scattered throughout the capillary network.  They are not going to show on any scan.  They are just too small, and too scattered. 

 Dr Charles Hoffe uses the D Dimer test, to show recent blood clots.  The test is taken between 4-7 days after the person has received the Jab, and showing symptoms. From his study, 62% are clotting within 4-7 days.   Dr Charles Hoffee says that when the brain, heart, spinal cord and lungs are affected by the Spike Protein, they do not ever regenerate, but instead remain permanently damaged.  A sequence of downstream consequences might be, plugged up tiny capillaries in the lungs.  The heart is now pumping against a greater resistance in the lungs causing Pulmonary Artery Hypertension, and high blood pressure in the lungs.  Unfortunately, most people with this condition die from Right Sided Heart failure within 3 years.   

Dr Richard Fleming states that in 1995 we knew about shedding from vaccines.

Richard Fleming holds up a 2021 document from Japanese data on Pfizer which shows that the viral particles flood the body organs within hours – not just at the sight of injection. 

Dr Richard Fleming then presents a second paper, a Harvard study, again showing that within hours from receiving the COVID-19 injection, viral particles do not remain localised. 

Dr Fleming draws attention to the fact that we are being told that the ‘COVID 19 vaccine’ (which apparently only carries the Spike Protein) is also making antibodies to the ‘nucleus capsids’. The nucleus capsids is another part of the virus that is supposedly NOT in the vaccine. 

“Well, you can’t make an antibody to something that is not in your body”.  Dr Richard Fleming questions what is in the vaccines, THAT you are NOT ONLY making antibodies to the Spike Protein to, but to the nucleus capsid. Because the data clearly shows that there are antibodies to the nucleus capsid.  


This is NOT conspiracy, these are very VERY real reports of biological changes in women who have not given their consent to what is, in truth, a global experiment, via the receipt an experimental medicines in the name of a vaccine – administered under what appears to insurmountable evidence of false pretense of Emergency Measures. The facts remain, we have Ivermectin, we have Hydroxychloroquine, we have vitamins C and D3 and zinc. Without the censorship this so called vaccine would have not even been granted the ‘go-ahead’.

“Those who have taken the Jabs, these medical devices in the name of a vaccine, you have traded your physical existence for being a pathogen creator of the Spike Protein”

Dr Northrop offers a clinical perspective; symptoms of rapid hormonal changes presenting in non-vaccinated women

Dr Northrop speaks of the unusual symptoms experienced and reported by women from around the world since the administration of the mRNA gene therapy transfection jabs.  They are not vaccines, and therefore we cannot rightfully call them vaccines, since is medical mislabelling. The women who are reporting these symptoms have not been jabbed. 

“To start with, there’s more that we don’t know than we do know.  This medical experiment is brand new.  Everything that we have done in terms of animal studies, experiments of the mRNA gene therapy, the ferrets have died.  (see the Kennedy video further down).  

Whatever we are told, the mRNA does get into the DNA.  And therefore we are seeing things that we didn’t expect to see, and have not seen before.  

Women by nature, are in tune with the moon. Our hormones and menstrual cycle are intrinsically, almost inexplicably connected with nature.  Now, with this ‘jab’ you are going to inject new machinery into the cellular mechanisms; to make a protein from a synthetic mRNA via ribosome – which has never been done before.  

Think about this: When women live together they synchronise their periods.  Partly because of pheromones, which are molecules that are translated by the olfactory system.  Even if we do not know what is going on – when you put the sweat of another woman under the nose of a woman, they will synchronise their periods.  

Dr Northrop postulates that there may be something like this mRNA is producing.  

A good analogy is the birth control pill since this has been well studied.  

Birth control pills stop pheromones from being detected.  The story goes, that women are attracted to their mate by the way he smells.  Remember when you love the smell of a man’s T-shirt, well that’s a sign that this man is a good fit, biologically, for you.  And that the DNA is a good match.

When you are on the birth control pill you don’t smell your man’s pheromones anymore!! It is well documented, that when women come off the birth control pill, they discover the smell of their mate. To only report how they don’t like the smell of their mate. Or even repulsed. “

“This is incredible sacred wisdom from Nature. We are mammals, therefore we have mammary glands that govern our hormonal communication systems.    

However, women who have had the shot, and are breastfeeding, are now secreting the spike-protein through the mammary glands in the breast.  There have been cases of babies breastfeeding from women who have received the Jab and dying.  

If this is being secreted in the breast milk, then it’s also being secreted in the sweat glands, where pheromones come from. And it’s being secreted in the saliva and faeces.  And we know that the spike protein cross-reacts with 28 different tissues.  That much we do know.”

Do we need to be asking some questions, such as is it possible that the transmission can happen even if you’ve already had the wild virus?

“Yes, anything is possible.  We are performing a gigantic unprecedented experiment against humanity at this time.  

But remember, humans, are evolving quickly.  We are remembering who we are, spiritually. Under enormous pressure, carbon is made into a diamond! But remember that when God moves a mountain, you are told to bring a shovel.”

This means, we must all do our part: 

“Get out in the sun, don’t wear a mask if you can help it.”

What Leila did. From and independent school in Florida

Private School Informs Parents Vaccinated Teachers May Be Transmitting Something From Their Bodies

A co-founder of the Centner Academy in Miami, Leila Centner, informed its 50 teachers and 25 support staff that if they choose to be vaccinated against COVID-19, they will not be welcome back on campus in the Fall. Those already vaccinated will need to be separated from children while at school, according to a letter she sent to the school’s staff. 

Leila Centner writes:

It is our policy, to the extent possible, not to employ anyone who has taken the experimental COVID-19 injection until further information is known. … It is in the best interests of the children to protect them from the unknown implications of being in close proximity for the entire day with a teacher who has very recently taken the COVID-19 injection.

To explain this decision, which contradicts recommendations from public health agencies including the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the World Health Organization, Centner writes: 

Tens of thousands of women all over the world have recently been reporting adverse reproductive issues simply from being in close proximity with those who have received any one of the COVID-19 injections, e.g., irregular menses, bleeding, miscarriages, post-menopausal haemorrhaging, and amenorrhea (complete loss of menstruation).

No one knows exactly what may be causing these irregularities, but it appears that those who have received the injections may be transmitting something from their bodies to those with whom they come in contact.

Please now consider why serious symptoms of COVID / COVID-variants, continue to mutate and spread.

Where we have been & we are right now

1.  A coronavirus was biologically altered, re-sequenced or engineered to create viral virulence.

2.  Viral virulence was successful and the virus spread like wildfire. 

3.  The altered virulent coronavirus was bolted to a weaponised package called Spike-protein.  Achieving an elaborately engineered toxin put into a coronavirus, or let’s call it a vector, the delivery agent that exposed the planet to a small dose of it.

4.  Allergic Reaction: Initially, Spike Protein triggers an Allergic Reaction.  This allergic reaction when untreated leads to a cytokine-storm, causing death.  We have seen this with COVID illness, turning to SARS-CoV-2 and then pneumonia.  Numerous cases presenting inflamed lungs, lead to death when inflamed lungs are then exposed to ventilators – hospitalisation leads to unfortunate inappropriate action.   

Statistically, exposure to Spike-protein leads to an allergic reaction in a small percentage of people, which is when we see deaths.  The 8th day, post-infection, is when the allergic reaction occurs, but isolation post-infection lasts 14 days, so nobody notices when this occurs.  People get to the hospital too late.  We mandate protocols in hospitals that are frankly contra-indicated to symptom presentations. (Please See Link)

So, when you give the mRNA medical experiment, the first 14 days after the Jabs, side effects cannot be attributed to the Jabs.  After 14 days we’ll see the endothelial injuries and the influence Spike-protein has on ACE2 receptors.  Those are the deaths that are meant to follow.  And they will never be pinned onto Spike Protein. 

A very well-engineered toxin indeed!!

Spike protein is also a membrane protein.  So the mRNA will distribute this through our body.  It will be made in various tissues throughout our body.  It will be incorporated into those membranes around our body, into specific tissues.  Those tissues will be recognised as foreign and trigger a host of autoimmune responses. And, if we understand what Spike-protein is meant to do, it will trigger an allergic reaction, with immediate death from that.  But, if you poison someone, and they don’t die immediately, you’ll notice the poisoning.

What Happens Next Is Up To Us

5. The End Game: 

In a nutshell: The deaths that are meant to follow the COVID-Jabs will never be able to be pinned on the poison.  It will be too diverse.  There will be too many and too broad a time frame.  For us to understand the connection to the real poison, the Spike-protein.

  • The primary result: Fear is generated to keep the story going and keep everyone confused. 
  • The secondary result: Humanity is steered toward Mass formation. (Link)

The game that they played with this engineered virus was to justify the COVID-Jabs of the whole planet. The COVID-Jabs of the planet will expose us to the toxin, the Spike-protein for a very long time indeed.

Furthermore, the toxin is dependant on the host’s bio-individuality, epigenetic predispositions and therefore response to it. So we have mild, moderate and severe illnesses. But humanity, the government and the media drive us to keep chasing the virus.  But the virus is just the vector, to give us a taste of the poison

6. Pre-existing Health Conditions / Co-morbidities:

In the long term, this Spike-protein toxin will get people with pre-existing illnesses as those illnesses are exacerbated. 

We now know the COVID-Jabs have bits of prion in it, it has bits of HIV protein in it, and it’s certainly engineered. Meaning that people with cancers will have their cancers flair-up – but they’ll say the person died of cancer.  People with diabetes and high blood pressure are going to have strokes and heart attacks, but we’ll attribute those to their pre-existing conditions.  People are going to develop autoimmune conditions over time.  The diversity of which will never be addressed by pharmaceutical intervention. 

We’ve given up our freedoms because we unanimously agreed that was the best place for us.  And now, if we want our freedoms back, we have mandated these so-called ‘vaccines’ – Pfizer / AstraZenica / Johnson & Johnson / Moderna, medical experiments, authorised under Emergency Use and Measures ONLY.  Sold as our saviour from the start by the engineered virus and mandated ‘vaxxine’ clearly following on from each other. 

Once we are prepared to consider the worst, it looks like we’ve been herded like cattle. But if we look at the science, the real science, not the fake science pumped out as fear propaganda through all news and media, the COVID-Jabs make absolutely no sense.

Vaccines are meant to stimulate immunity, to prevent infection and transmission. These mRNA gene therapy Jabs do not do that. THEY ARE NOT VACCINES

Instead, these COVID-Jabs work by exposing the recipient to Spike protein to build a measure of tolerance to an allergen.  Not an immune-mediated response to a virus.  The virus in fact distracts us from the big picture. It distracts us from the Spike protein since that’s the toxin – and has been, from the start.  Furthermore, all attempts to make a true vaccine for coronavirus, over the years have failed.  

The question must now be, where do we go from here?  And how do we best protect ourselves from the overwhelming number of Transfected Spike-protein from those who are COVID-Jabbed to the unJabbed (trillions multiplied by thousands from each person in receipt of the COVID-Jabs).   Because, Spike-protein is perpetually pumped out through the pheromones, breath and skin from all recipients of these COVID-Jabs, this is what makes them self-spreading vaxxines.

And at this point, we don’t know whether their machinery will ever turn off.  The COVID-Jabbed are the super-spreaders. What happens next, in your life and to your health will be largely down to the decisions you make now; how you choose to mix with those who produce and transmit Spike-protein. As well as your nutrient-biochemical support programme.  To support the mitigation of the docking of Spike-protein.  

Canaries In The Coal Shaft

Some individuals will be the Canaries in the coal shaft.  Miners used to put canaries down the coal shaft, to know whether there were carbon monoxide and other airborne toxins in the shaft. The miners were not sensitive enough to detect poisons. 

Meaning that the sensitive people among us, are feeling the effects of the Spike-protein, and notice it immediately.  Everyone else may NOT notice it immediately, but illness and death will follow.  


The original strain of COVID-19 is no longer in circulation. And it has not been in circulation since peaking in March 2020.  Between March and Christmas 202o the rise in COVID cases was entirely due to the misuse of the PCR testing.  PCR testing, when used incorrectly will always present coronavirus genomic material. This does not indicate infection.  It only indicated the presence of a coronavirus within the genomic profile and swab tested.  Given that we are all made up of trillions of viral sequences, it would be unlikely to NOT find coronavirus within a PCR swab, when spun over 35 times.     

Since the advent of the dissemination of the COVID Jabs in the UK, January 2021, all COVID cases can and should be attributed to Transfection.  Otherwise known as “Shedding” from THOSE who have been Jabbed with the COVID-Jabs. They alone are the spreaders and super-spreaders of the Spike-protein varients.  Pumping the spike-protein into our shared atmosphere at an alarming rate.  


COVID-19; a benign coronavirus that was re-sequenced (bio-engineered in lab) in order to induce viral virulence and bolted onto Spike-protein – the toxin.  The virulent ‘new coronavirus’ was the delivery agent, of the Spike protein – the toxin. By March 2020 the contagion had spread, touching every man-woman and child in the world, and herd immunity was met by those who had survived. 

It’s worth noting that survival and death rates of COVID-19 in 2020 correlated to the annual survival and death rates of flu in 2019.  

COVID-Delta and other variants; Today, when we become severely sick with ‘COVID’ and possibly hospitalised, we need to understand that all Spike-protein variants are transmitted via ‘Transfection and Pheramones’ from those who have agreed to be Ast/Pf/Mod-Jabbed.   The Jabbed are the Super-spreaders; The Doctors, nurses, dentists, teachers, husbands, wives, and now our children all seemingly tricked into receiving a Jab for a disease that, if under the age of 60 years of age has a 99.999% survival rate. With no evidence of transmission when A-symptomatic

Pfizer officially admits in their own documents that the experimental mRNA trial subjects are Super Spreaders who transmit disease to the unvaccinated. During Pfizer’s clinical trials it’s cleverly termed “occupational exposure”.

The Pfizer machinery, when injected into the vaccinated-recipient turn their cells into synthetic spike protein-making factories. The unsuspecting unvaccinated population who have unintentional contact with the mRNA vaccinated to become infected through pheromones, skin and breath – otherwise known as ‘Shedding’.  

(Self-spreading vaccines are no myth. Page number 45 from this PDF produced by Johns Hopkins University demonstrates that self-spreading vaccines do already exist.  Self-disseminating vaccines for emerging infectious diseases has existed since 2016, according to this study )

Understanding the KEY differences between the original COVID-19 and today’s COVID-Delta and other variants goes some way to understanding how to protect ourselves from those who are shedding.

Blog: Transfection AKA “Shedding”

LIVE CASE – Shedding Danger: 12-Year-Old Girl Injured by Vaxxed Dad

“Ava, age 12, has celiac disease and an autoimmune disease. … She started her first monthly [period] cycle in November 2020 and had no problems until May 2021. After begging her father (my ex) not to get vaccinated until we know more, he decided to get vaccinated anyway.

On May 12, Ava’s dad and his wife got the first Pfizer vaccine. On May 16, Ava started bleeding. Everything seemed normal at the time. But on May 21, Ava started feeling anxiety and a fast heart rate. I took her to ER. They did an EKG, but no lab work (the doctor refused; he doesn’t do lab work for just anxiety). On May 29, I took her to UC-San Diego urgent care and asked for lab work. He did a finger prick and haemoglobin was 5.9, which is critically unstable. I was told to have Ava to Rady Children’s Hospital. She was admitted, given two units of blood, placed on birth control and iron pills, and sent home.

On June 2, Ava’s dad and his wife got the second Pfizer vaccine. On June 11, Ava had lab work directly from her left arm and produced jelly-like clotting blood that was very abnormal.

On June 23, during an appointment at US-San Diego, the doctor assured us that sometimes abnormal bleeding can happen, but she’s never seen it in a pediatric patient.”

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( We Made a Big Mistake … Pfizer: covid-19-vaccine-mistake-pdf )