When I discovered that it was a DNA transcription error that inhibited a key …

Detoxification enzyme to function within my liver,band therefore to hold onto some of the most deadly toxins known to man, I did not know whether to laugh or cry.  Finding out the cause for one’s lifelong struggle with health could be akin to experiencing a divine effigy at the point of no return. If only I had known before the onset of Benign Fasciculation Syndrome 2 years ago, or Chronic Fatigue 20 years ago!!!  But still … better to learn these things late than never! And so with a firm commitment to the belief that everything is reversible, including irreversible conditions such as BFS I will now work with the new information in hand to my advantage.

This blog is all about how our genetic heritage could be the underpinning factor within your complex or unexplained illnesses … Benign Fasciculation is virtually unheard of even within medical circles.

So with the disease paradigm of complex health issues; Chronic Fatigue, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, Fibromyalgia, PTSD, Gulf War Syndrome all fast on the rise.. we need to go beyond looking for single nutrient deficiencies or resorting to any linear thinking.

These complex disease states present multiple symptoms that cannot be commonly explained by mainstream medicine, but instead, due to their complexity require a complex adaptive approach in terms of understanding and treatment.

Thus far, these conditions have bewildered mainstream medicine for over two decades, acknowledge.  And as we have seen a dramatic increase in the number of cases of those affected, colleagues, loved one, family and friends, concern over finding both reason and cure becomes all the impending.  Stress is well understood from a systems biology approach and linked to be one major causative factor between the spectrum of complex disease states.

However, it is a newly emerging science known as Epigenetics that acknowledges our genetic predispositions and heritage. And it is this exciting field of expertise that explains DNA transcription errors and role to underpin areas of compromised health.

What this means is that the genes we carry significantly affect our health.  As in how robust we are, or susceptibility to various chronic diseases.  Then we have Nutritional Genomics, which explores the relationship between your diet and your genes with far-reaching potential in preventing diet-related diseases.

So what can you do?  What did I do? Get tested!

My advice to clients who have one or more complex health condition is to get tested.  Since genes do play central role in a number of metabolic processes being key factors in the onset of chronic disease.  You only need to complete this test once and the information given will benefit you for life.  What’s more, you could also note emerging patterns between yourself and any children and get them tested too.

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