Liver Cleansing-Rituals To Support Whole Body Health

I am super excited about this 3rd and final email, because today we are looking at the Art of Detoxification (Push-Catch), & Detoxification as a Way of Life with a specific focus on exploring the benefit of regular Liver-Cleansing Rituals

  • On this page we will explore how regular Liver-Cleansing directly affects health, and our body’s capacity to eliminate toxins typically stored deep within the body; bones, organs, and cellular tissues

  • We will also explore why some people would benefit from more regular Liver-Cleansing, compared to others

  • Then lastly we consider how you can build some basic regular Liver-Cleansing Rituals into your life, to help maximise your detoxification & health potential



Why I Get Hyped About Liver Cleansing Rituals …

For over 25 years my exploration and journey through the various levels and processes of detoxification, specifically heavy metal oral chelation, mycotoxin and chemical detox have all helped me to finally break-free from 20 years of debilitating illness and many health challenges along the way. 

Along this journey I’ve discovered that ‘suffering enough’ (in my experience, from environmental toxicity) is certainly one way to face one’s lessons and learn them.  Even more so when our health issues become familial health issues, and so passed down to one’s children.  The gift of health is always priceless, but seeing those you love the most suffer can be a huge motivational force to find answers and then ‘commit to what ever it takes’, however inconvenient. 

So what did I learn? Ultimately that every disease and symptom that shows up in our bodies, including cancer, Autism, neurological conditions, auto-immune conditions etc. are all the result of environmental toxicity, and your body’s inability to clear environmental toxicants.  

However, you don’t need to have a debilitating or tragic health story in order to benefit from whole body cleansing, starting with liver cleansing.  Liver-Cleansing will benefit you even if you just lack energy, or have brain fog, but especially if you are suffering from any measure of chronic disease – I can guarantee that toxin accumulation is contributing to the problem, and regular liver cleanses will be part of the solution.  

So let’s dive in to some of the key benefits experienced when engaging in Liver-Cleansing Rituals…


  • When we cleanse our livers on a regular basis, we reduce our total body-burden of endotoxins (metabolic by-products) and toxicants (environmental toxins) and thereby alleviate biochemical stress from all of our body’s vital organs, not just your liver


  • There is likely to be a significant reduction in all ailments since all disease is linked to, and results directly from toxicity accumulated within tissues – throughout the body.  The net result of reducing ‘total body-burden of waste material’ can only be significantly improved health – throughout the body too. 


  • Cleansing begins by opening up the body’s drainage systems (bowel, gallbladder, liver, kidneys, lungs, skin, cells), while purging these systems from endotoxins (metabolic waste) and toxicants (environmental toxins). However, this doesn’t mean that ‘once cleansed’ the liver will remain ‘un-burdened’ forever! 


  • By opening up the liver, you are simply opening up the conversation between organs and system.  But the conversation is a good one! Once cleansed, the hormones and receptor sites within your liver communicate to hormones and receptor sites within other drainage organs and systems throughout your body both locally and distally; to signal that it is cleansed and ready to receive more toxins from your cells! 

It’s because of this communication network between all organs and systems that the liver plays its central role within ‘whole-body-cleansing’ and has earned the nick-name of ‘Grand-Parent-Organ’ – within the Chinese Medicinal system of health. 

The Key Take-Aways:

Detox is not something you do just once a year – it should be a lifestyle choice, preferably for the rest of your life. But if not, at least consider detoxing intensely for a 6-8 weeks before taking a break again.  Or, find a rhythm to suit your lifestyle that may not be ideal, but at least you are engaging in regular cleansing.

Success comes with consistency since you are bombarded consistently with toxins from the air, food, water and more, 24/7.  The W.H.O. recognises that we all have over 700 toxins in our body – metals like mercury, lead, cadmium and industrial chemicals such as diesel fumes and industrial petrochemicals.  And then there are plant toxins such as lectins, phytates, aphlatoxins, biotoxins, phthalates, bromine, rancid fats, xeno-oestrogens and oestrogen excess, food additives, pesticides, alcohol, medication-drugs and now even spike protein! All of our livers are overwhelmed.  

This means that regular Liver-Cleansing will always result in higher functioning organs and systems, improved immunity, clearer skin, and the increased ability to adapt to stressors. But when your liver isn’t cleansed regularly, or isn’t healthy, it simply can’t handle its expected workload and becomes overwhelmed, and then diseased. 

So Why Wait?

Take action starting today in time for Spring Equinox!

You can re-wind your biological clock as your liver begins to bio-transform (process & let-go) all the toxic-junk accumulated over the years

Since your liver is a sophisticated organ, that typically has a diverse range of roles and responsibilities (over 2000) to accomplish. Playing a major role in every metabolic process within your body, to include manufacturing and processing millions of proteins each day in order to fulfil these roles, let’s take a look at some of these processes in more detail:

Liver Functions

  • Filtration
  • Metabolising fat to produce energy
  • Metabolising carbohydrate to produce energy
  • Synthesises cholesterol – the good kind for brain function
  • Utilising amino acids from food to create new biological proteins, or to produce energy
  • Processing old or damaged red blood cells
  • Processing metabolic waste; such as virus remnants after being sick
  • Metabolising oestrogen and xeno-oestrogen
  • Metabolising alcohol
  • Optimises bile production
  • Synthesises melatonin
  • It’s involved in storing nutrients such as iron, copper and zinc
Start Cleansing Your Liver Today …

Ultimately, your liver is responsible for eliminating toxins from the rest of your body. But, in order to do this your liver must be healthy and produce enough bile to digest food, and transport toxins.  Most of the environmental pollutants that you ingest through food, air and water bio-transforms within your liver before transitioning them into your gut via bile. When bile is thick and liver becomes congested, you will begin to feel sluggish and even poisoned. This is due to toxins not being eliminated adequately in good time.

Liver – manufactures proteins

Your liver makes a number of important and very specific proteins, all of which are synthesised from dietary amino acids.  Dietary protein delivers the building blocks for your liver to make these proteins. Therefore, we all need to eat a protein-rich diet if we expect to keep up with the demands of our liver.

Vegetarians, and particularly vegans typically do not get enough amino acids which can impact on their liver’s ability to make adequate protein to keep you healthy. 

  • Your liver produces albumin.  Albumin is designed to keep fluid inside your blood vessels, rather than leaking out of your blood vessels.
  • Your liver makes many globulins.  For instance, sex hormone-binding globulin which transports your sex hormones around your bloodstream to the various cells, where needed. Another example of a globulin are immunoglobulins which help your immune system to fight infections. When you no longer produce enough immunoglobulins you’ll be prone to infections.
  • Your liver makes fibronectin. Fibronectin is used to form a blood clot and prevent unwanted bleeding. 
  • Your liver makes C-reactive protein, abbreviated to CRP or C-reactive protein. C-reactive protein is a protein made by the liver to increase inflammation within the body in the processes of fighting an infection.  C-reactive protein is a measurable metabolic marker that indicates levels of excessive inflammation or infection in their body. 

Liver – manufactures hormones

  • You liver produces insulin-like growth factor, also known as somatomedin, which stimulates growth in the body, especially the bones. To grow strong healthy bones, you need a healthy liver to make enough of this insulin-like growth factor.
  • Your liver also makes a hormone called angiotensinogen, involved in the control of blood pressure. High blood pressure can be a sign of liver dysfunction. 
  • Your liver makes a hormone called thrombopoietin to support healthy bone marrow by creating more platelets, which stop haemorrhaging.
  • Your liver also makes hepcidin, which controls and regulates the absorption and metabolism of iron. Therefore, if your hepcidin is out of balance, you can have problems with iron dysregulation which looks like you have too much iron or not enough iron in the blood. This imbalance leads to a greater risk of infection due to the over-abundance of iron feeding pathogens.  

Liver – bio-transforms & removes excessive hormones

The liver also breaks down sex hormones to clear excessive hormones from the body. When the liver is not functioning adequately or is sluggish some people develop oestrogen dominance, because the liver is not breaking down the oestrogen.  Oestrogen dominance leads to health problems like gall stones, endometriosis, fibroids, heavy painful periods. 

The liver is involved in the regulation of thyroid hormone metabolism. Thyroid hormone is synthesised in the thyroid gland, but then transported to the liver where the inert thyroid hormone is converted to the active thyroid form. Therefore, thyroid health, metabolism and weight control are positively influenced and improved by liver cleansing and good liver health.

So Why Wait?

Take action starting today in time for Spring Equinox!

You can re-wind your biological clock as your liver begins to bio-transform (process & let-go) all the toxic-junk accumulated over the years

Why should Liver-Cleansing rituals be classed as a PRE-TOX (Pre-Detox), not THE Detox. & what happens when we don’t PRE-TOX

Deep cellular cleansing is only ever successful, or even possible in some cases, once significant preparatory-time has been dedicated to ‘Setting The Stage’ for the process of detoxification to begin. 


  • Cellular healing – Healing a Leaky Gut
  • Mobilising stagnant waste & cleansing the gut
  • Cleansing the kidneys
  • Exfoliating the skin
  • Flushing the liver and gallbladder

Preparatory work necessitates the ‘opening-up’ of our body’s ‘drainage organs and systems – Large Intestine, Gallbladder, Liver, Kidneys, Skin’ in order to support the next phase of detoxification and processes of releasing toxins from our cells and tissues. 

Cellular detoxification involves cellular debris being deposited into the lymphatic system before dropping back into our circulatory system from where toxins are transported to our liver and kidneys. Toxins then exit the body via our bladder and bowel.

Spring and Autumn equinoxes are considered (within Naturopathic and TCM circles) to be the ideal time within each year to begin this type of cleansing work since our body’s lymphatic fluid becomes thinner and more fluid after the wintertime. Conversely, between Autumn and Spring the lymph fluid is typically thicker and moves more slowly. Sluggish lymph and liver does not support naturopathic cleansing practices, but these sluggish systems may warrant the additional help none-the-less. 

Despite there being key times within each year to consider engaging in more rigorous cleansing rituals and healing (Spring and Autumn Equinoxes), it is optimal for our good health to build liver-cleansing rituals into our timetables more regularly, every week if possible.

But, if you have not ever cleansed your liver before then perhaps start with a short crash course for 14-21 days, before moving into more regular maintenance and a cyclical rhythm.  

Love Your Liver ~ Today!

What’s The Worst That Could Happen If You Do Not Maintain a Healthy Liver?

If we choose to ignore the responsibility of looking after the body that houses our soul, poor health is likely to follow.  Poor health results when our finely tuned biological systems no longer play well together, in orchestra.  This incoherent communication and  discordant relationship between our vital organs means that adaptation to stress and workload begins to fail, sometimes rapidly.

Conversely, choosing to engage in regular Liver-Cleansing Rituals such as coffee enemas, castor oil packing, gallbladder and liver flushes you are metaphorically and quite literally ‘taking out the trash’ on an equally regular basis – enabling the communication system between organs and systems to signal intra-cellular detoxification, initiating toxins to be released from tissues; fat tissue, bone, cells. 

Alternatively, do you wonder what happens when we don’t ‘take out the trash’? 

The obvious answer being that toxic waste continues to build-up, until it backs-ups into your lymphatic system, and fat tissues, and then bones, mitochondria and even the nervous system, which is what happened to me (think about all the diseases that might be expressed as a result of toxicants lodged in these tissues).  Ultimately all other systems, previously engaged in detoxification will STOP detoxing immediately. Hint: Liver is already full and unable to receive more.

Let’s now focus on the lymphatic system …

One example of toxins backing up from liver, is to our lymphatic system, otherwise known as our interstitial tissues and the matrix between our cells.  When Liver is not cleansed regularly so that toxins are no-longer easily metabolised and excreted as they should be, then toxins back-up into this matrix between the cells, which then becomes clogged.  Signals are transmitted to reflect this lymphatic status, and again, detoxification from cellular tissues grinds to a halt and toxins back up even further into our cells. These toxins need to find a way to stay out of our lymphatic tissues and blood and so the fat-soluble toxins and heavy metals are rapidly deposited into fatty tissue.  The result is that these obesogenic compounds make your fat cells grow bigger.  They also damage your mitochondria and insulin producing beta-cells, within your pancreas.  This creates the perfect storm for insulin resistance, diabetes and taking on more fat leading to obesity.

Furthermore, many environmental toxicants and obesogenic compounds are also endocrine-disruptors that can slow down your thyroid and metabolism. Our fatty tissue is not just tissue, it falls into the class of an endocrine organ because our fatty tissue releases hormones such as leptin (that regulates your appetite) and cytokines that trigger inflammation.  The more toxins you store, the more fatty tissue you create and the more inflamed you then become.  

So think about it, if your fat cells are loaded with these obesogenic compounds – unhealthy toxins, when you lose weight and exercise not only do your cells release fat, they also release toxins back into your bloodstream and lymphatic system.  This is when we need a super-healthy liver, to break down the harmful toxins released from fat-cells, into less harmful water-soluble molecules that can then be eliminated from your body before damaging your vital organs.  

When Toxins Back-Up Into Our Cells – Do We JUST Get Fatter?

Or Do We Get Sicker Too?

When we cleanse the liver and cells we are concerned with cellular health.  But, when toxins back up from liver to lymphatic system, we begin to look at, and be concerned with the extra-cellular matrix.  The difference is vast. Extra-cellular matrix is the true terrain of the body, it is the petri-dish which presents all of the elements required for the ‘the metabolic processes within our cells’ to take place. Therefore, true health begins within in this interstitial tissue and space, which is the fluid that the cells are floating within. 

To appreciate the juxtaposition between this extra-cellular matrix and cellular detoxification in the context of health verses disease, it’s worth acknowledging the ongoing debate between Naturopathic medicine and Allopathic medicine 

This debate is ultimately about where disease originates from and considers whether disease starts with an infectious agent, and is therefore the cause of all disease. Or, whether the main cause of disease is in fact the result of changes in our biological terrain, that includes the interstitial tissues and lymphatic system, allowing opportunistic infections to take hold. 

Historically speaking, the most recent chapter in this debate goes back to the19th Century when there was an alleged debate between Louis Pasteur, who was the founder ‘Germ Theory’ and his contemporaries Claude Bernard, a French physiologist who coined the term “milieu interieur” and Antoine Bechamp, an organic chemist who developed Cellular Theory and realised the importance of endogenous bacteria to health.

Although these three brilliant scientific minds were contempries and apparently friends, they certainly opposed each other’s advancements in science and thinking. At the time, the illness paradigm (Louis Pasteur’s Germ Theory) ‘won’ the debate in ‘the principle of wellness’ and since that time it has never been disproven. Our entire medical model and ‘advancements in science’ our based upon this one landmark event. 

However, Claude Bernard argued that “the microbe in nothing and the terrain is everything” meaning that the changes in the host’s biological terrain are responsible for allowing opportunistic infections to take hold. The Naturopaths of today pay attention to all factors that influence the milieu interieur which includes diet and lifestyle choices, environmental toxins, psychology and emotions. 

This debate between infectious agents verses biological terrain continues to be even more relevant today with the stunning increase of environments toxicants adulterating every level of our lives; food, air, water, clothes, home environments, beauty and health products.  

The Principles of Wellness, Naturopathy & the ‘Milieu Interieur’

These environmental toxins turn our cells into fat cells and they make us ill.  And, as terrain theory believes that germs alone cannot cause infection and disease, the conditions set by obesogenic compounds, environmental pollutants and heavy metals within the body have to first set the stage for an infection to take hold.  This means that the presence of unhealthy cellular debris resulting from this toxic-dumping creates the ideal conditions and feeding ground for pathogenic infection and the reproduction of harmful microbes, since unhealthy terrain is unable to fend for itself and always attracts disease. 

Conversely, a healthy, cleansed internal environment of the body may repel pathogenic activity since it is not the ideal host for microbes to take up residence and cause illness in the first place. The gut is a good example of terrain theory and the necessary ‘balance of ecology’, where commensal bacteria or fungal activity could easily grow out of control, becoming harmful when other more beneficial bacteria in the gut is no longer present in abundance.  The unhealthy gut result from a microbiome that lacks homeostasis. 

So, our naturopathic lens acknowledges that micro-organisms rely upon their environments as well as their symbiotic relationships with other micro-organisms. Therefore, in order to stay healthy, prevent or fight pathogenic infection, we must work on clearing our cellular debris regularly.  But first, before we engage in deep cellular cleansing, we need to set the stage for cleansing, and Pre-Tox. 

CONSTITUTION, GENOMICS & TRAUMA – why some people might benefit from regular liver-cleansing more-so than others

  • Not all people are made the same, since we have different constitutions.  This is why someone can live to 100 y/o and never get sick but drink and smoke daily.  This is compared to another person who gets very sick even though they live a good health lifestyle.  How we detox depends on who we are and our constitution, which brings us back to Genomics and the importance of getting to know our Genomic Profile.  Genomics was discussed at length in the 2nd of this 3-Part series. If you missed it, you can find the page here:   

  • We also need to look at emotional health alongside the physical body too.  Too many people focus either on the body or focus on the mind.  True health results from paying attention to both levels of our being, since they are inseparable. If you missed the 1st email within this 3-Part series you can find it here: 

CAUTION – When We Ignore Liver Cleansing & Liver Maintenance

Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD) ~ Might Even Concern You …

Non-Alcoholic-Fatty-Liver-Disease (NAFLD) is one of the fastest rising diseases of the Western World. Since the 1990’s it has been estimated that a staggering 1 in 3 people have NAFLD.  That’s well over 2 billion people struggling with metabolism and liver congestion.  And the numbers are rising fast!

What is a fatty liver?  It is the excess of fat building up within the liver, between the cells and inside the liver cells as fatty droplets and fatty streaks; if more than 10% of the liver’s weight is fat, then you have a fatty liver.   

Non-Alcoholic-Fatty-Liver-Disease (NAFLD) is caused by a diet high in carbohydrate, which includes all sugary foods.  NAFLD also affects children and is common in obese children.  

  • This is when 10% of the liver cells have become fat cells
  • This composition translates into a difficulty in breaking down sugar and fat
  • The Non-Alcoholic-Fatty-Liver has a hard time metabolising  and breaking down toxins
  • The Non-Alcoholic-Fatty-Liver has a hard time dealing with refined flours
  • The Non-Alcoholic-Fatty-Liver has trouble metabolising medications
  • The Non-Alcoholic-Fatty-Liver has trouble breaking down alcohol

Stages Of Liver Disease

  • Liver Pain
  • Fatty Liver
  • Enlarged Liver
  • Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease – NAFLD
  • Hepatitis C
  • Cirrhosis
  • Liver Cancer
  • Liver Disease
  • Liver Damage
  • Gallstones

It is clear that NAFLD is a serious health condition, which can eventually lead to other liver conditions, including liver sclerosis, liver failure and other related conditions such as emphysema. Furthermore, in 2021, nearly 35000 people were on the waiting list for a liver transplant, but only one third of these transplants are performed each year. This means that in the next few years, NAFLD is expected to become the leading cause of liver transplants, but the limited supply of available livers will not stand a chance of keeping up with this increase in demand.

Common symptoms of a sick liver include:

  • Unexpected weight gain
  • Inability to lose weight
  • Fatigue (especially in the mid-afternoon)
  • Bloating and gas
  • Lack of mental clarity
  • Poor digestion
  • Stress, anxiety and mood swings
  • Brown spots or age spots on your skin
  • Jaundice 
  • Stiff, sore muscles
  • Headaches more than once per week
  • Itchy skin, itchy eyes
  • Achy liver 

And what’s more, it can be slimmer folk who have a fatty liver that goes un-diagnosed. If you experience two or more of the symptoms above, your liver could be telling you it’s overwhelmed with fat and toxins whether you carry excess weight or not. 

My advice is, don’t wait until you’re experiencing symptoms before you start taking care of your liver! The sooner you start the better for your long term health.  And, the good news is that you can restore your liver to full health once you understand the principles of reducing fatty-liver and you understand your genomic predispositions to fatty-liver, (which can be easily elucidated when completing a comprehensive genomic profile) you’ll then be equipped to make appropriate supplement choices, and dietary changes for life. 



Coffee enemas are a powerful method of detoxification and have been used for centuries as a first line of defence against many ailments. And so I’m told, every household in the country used to own an enema bag in years gone by! However, coffee enemas have also gained popularity in recent years as a means of cleansing and detoxifying, as well as a component in a form of cancer therapy known as Gerson Therapy. 

Key Points & Benefits of Coffee Enemas:

  • Coffee enemas provide theobromine, theophylline, palmitic acid, and some caffeine
  • They metabolise excessive oestrogen
  • The entire blood supply passes through the liver 4-5 times during a 15 minute enema, cleansing the blood with each cycle.  During this process the coffee triggers dialysis of the blood across the gut wall
  • Coffee enemas enhance glutathione-S-transferase – thus facilitating the phase 2 liver detoxification pathway. Glutathione-S-transferase is our #1 master antioxidant
  • Enemas dilute bile
  • Enemas lower blood serum toxin levels
  • Enemas increase cellular energy levels
  • Enemas enhance tissue health and repair
  • Enemas support immunity
  • Enemas help to restore the gut to a healthy, balanced gut-ecology by removing toxic debris and increasing the acidity of the colon, making it inhospitable to worms, rope-worms, parasites 
  • Enemas support liver regeneration
  • Enemas improve digestion
  • Enemas resolve acid reflux, migraines, headaches
  • Enemas can decrease anxiety and improve sleep. Liver plays a major role in sleep cycles since it is responsible for synthesising melatonin. Conversely, a congested liver raises night-time cortisol and wakes you up!

For these reasons, coffee enemas are used primarily to target liver/gall bladder detoxification, NOT for the purpose of clearing out the large intestine, as commonly thought.  Colonic Hydrotherapy can be used for the intention of cleansing the large intestine and hydration. 








The Palma Christi – the Palm of Christ – is the name given during the Middle Ages to the Castor oil plant. The unusual qualities of this powerful substance were reconised and harnessed by the intuitive healer and medical intuitive Edgar Cayce (1877-1945) during his 43 years of practice.  Edgar Cayce recommended castor oil for over 50 different ailments.

However, Castor oil has been used for its medicinal purposes for literally thousands of years, and can be traced back to Ayurvedic medicine to promote healing throughout these times. The use of applying Castor oil topically can be traced back to medical textbooks in Egypt as early as 1550 B.C. with lots of health benefits to include enriching the hair and skin, reducing acne and relieving constipation, healing bone spurs, healing cataracts, but from all of its applications it is best known for cleansing the liver and lymphatic systems.

Mechanistically, we know that Castor oil increases your circulation which brings in fresh oxygenated, nutrient-rich blood to the area where it is applied. Simultaneously, it has a drawing affect that clears the body of excess toxins, whilst stimulating the lymphatic and circulatory system. When Castor oil gets absorbed into your skin it improves your lymphocyte count which in turn speeds up the removal of toxins from your interstitial tissues. 

Castor oil packs can be placed on different areas of the body, such as over the thyroid, over the liver and abdomen to cover the small intestine, large intestine, kidneys and adrenal glands. 

Key Medicinal Benefits:

  • Shrinking uterine fibroids
  • Shrinking and reducing ovarian cysts
  • Reducing symptoms of PCOS
  • Relaxing the digestive system and improving constipation (see my whole post on 5 natural remedies for stomach pain and bloating, too)
  • Reducing gallbladder inflammation/stones
  • Improving lymphatic drainage
  • Reducing gut inflammation
  • Reducing headaches and migraines
  • Shrinking cysts in breast tissue
  • Detoxifying the liver
  • Shrinking thyroid cysts and nodules
  • Reducing painful menstrual cramps
  • Shortening periods and regulating cycles
  • Relaxes the user into a para-sympathetic dominant state, whilst raising oxytocin
  • Decreases bloating and water retention around the belly
  • Delivering nutrients from Castor oil directly through the skin

Basically, it’s a super cleanse for your body which just further encourages your body to do a better job of what it should be doing already.








The Liver and Gallbladder flush is the most powerful way to cleanse the body, and restore health.  The full-liver flush protocol has been written about in dept by Andreas Mortiz’ book The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush.  The flush was not designed by Andreas, certainly, the first time I did it was 20 years before the book came out.  However, he does put the responsibility in the hands of the person doing this flush, since it comes with certain risks if you have not adequatley prepared your body for the flush.  There are two further ‘watered down versions’ of this same flush, that I am willing to support my clients with. The first is a gentle cleanse that can be built up over 6 weeks.  The second is a 14 day cleanse which includes both coffee enemas and the gallbladder purge at the end of the 14 days. 

If you have a toxic, angry liver then you would benefit from Liver & Gallbladder maintenance.  The Liver & Gallbladder Flush is the pinnacle of all self-maintenance and can help you improve or reduce all of the following conditions and symptoms:

  • Thyroid function
  • Brain function
  • Energy / fatigue
  • Hormone balance
  • Oestrogen dominance that can contribute to breast cancer, ovarian cancer, blood clots and stroke, menstrual irregularities.
  • Anger and irritability
  • Digestive issues, as well as gas and bloating
  • Tolerance to fats
  • Dark circles around the eyes
  • Skin blemishes like blackheads, acnes, rashes, hives
  • Food sensitivities and allergies
  • Chemical sensitivities
  • Brain fog
  • Food hangovers and nausea
  • Car sickness 

However, you don’t have to have symptoms of a congested liver in order to benefit from the Liver & Gallbladder flush.

Practically everyone has gallstones, in fact many people have biliary ducts in their liver and gallbladder filled with stones.  But, when the gallbladder or liver is X-rayed, these stones do not show up.  At least, that was the truth in my case and for seemingly 100’s of others who claim to have seen and photographed over 100’s of visible stones, resulting from directly from a flush that was done after the X-ray reported that nothing was visibly apparent! There are six varieties of gallstones, most of which have cholesterol crystals in them.  They can be green, black, red, white or tan coloured. 

Typically the worst stones are in the liver, not the gallbladder, so repeated flushing is a must if you expect to get them all out.  Repeated flushing over one year, with about 1 month between flushes since it may take up to 8 – 12 flushes to achieve a liver and gallbladder status that is completely free from gallstones. It’s been said that you should achieve two consecutive flushes with no stones.

So, why should you be motivated to do this kind of work, since it’s a big commitment in time and organisation.  One motivator might be that at the very centre of each ‘stone’ scientists have found either bacteria, dead pieces of parasites, or heavy metals.  It’s been theorised that stone formation might be our body’s method to encapsulate infections, parasites and metals to stop them from either invading or damaging us.  So, thousands of stones result from thousands of encapsulations, eventually leading to chronic congestion of the liver and gallbladder and then even larger stones continue to form.  All this can only result in a reduced capacity to eliminate harmful substances. The result is that your health suffers!


  1. More energy

  2. Food sensitivities disappear

  3. Better sleep

  4. Less irritable, less angry, less snappy and short tempered

  5. Clearer skin; blackhead, acne, rashes, hives

  6. Clearer mind

  7. Weight loss

  8. Reduced water retention

  9. Improved periods – women

  10. Reduces nausea; chemical sensitivities, food hangover & alcohol sensitivity

  11. Reduces hormonal issues; especially oestrogen dominance

  12. Reduces dark circles under the eyes

  13. Reduces digestive issues; gas & bloating, intolerance to fats


  1. Beetroot powder

  2. Fermented turmeric

  3. Dandelion leaf & root

  4. Chinese skullcap

  5. Burdock root

  6. Milk thistle

  7. Dulse seaweed

  8. Schisandra berry

  9. Chlorophyll

  10. Fermented Broccoli sprouts for sulphurophane 


Avocados, apples, limes, vegetables, grapefruits, lemons, berries, beets, artichokes, cruciferous vegetables, celery, leafy greens, onions, garlic, raw egg yolk


  1. Lemongrass

  2. Lemon

  3. Ginger

  4. Black Cumin

  5. Palma Rosa

  6. Roman Chamomile

  7. Blue Tansy

  8. Cypress

  9. Elemi

  10. German Chamomile

  11. Rose Geranium

  12. Sandalwood  

  13. Ylang Ylang 

  14. Grapefruit  

  15. Lavender

So Why Wait?

Take action starting today in time for Spring Equinox!

You can re-wind your biological clock as your liver begins to bio-transform (process & let-go) all the toxic-junk accumulated over the years