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Spike-Protein Detox

In today's blog Anna explores our epigenetic vulnerability to the transfection of Spike-proteins and resulting Spikopathy. Here within, we explore why some people are Genomically prone to the acute symptoms of Spikopathy (the result of Spike-proteins docked into vulnerable tissues), whilst other people are not so immediately or badly affected.  We look at why some people are Genomically prone to a variety of metabolic down-stream consequences, which can lead to inflammation, oxidative stress, mucosal flare-ups resulting in IBS, Crohn's and much more. 

COVID CARE CLINIC – Building Resistance & Resilience

Due to multiple health concerns resulting from the COVID Vaxxines, and now circulating Spike-protein within our social atmospheres, we must adopt a new style of thinking, to protect those who have NOT taken the mRNA COVID-19 injections, as well as support the health of those who HAVE taken the mRNA and are now Spike-protein pathogen creators. Within a blog published on the 12th June 2023 Anna explored 'Transfection' (the new term given to the self-spreading mRNA-generated Spike-proteins) ...
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On this page we will explore Transfection (the new term given to the self-spreading mRNA-generated spike-proteins) and Spikopathy (the new term given to diseases resulting from Transfection), addressing the questions: What is Transfection? What is Spikopathy? Next, we explore the downstream consequences of Transfection & Spikopathy.  How do pathogenicity of Spike-protein directly affect our health and the health of our loved ones?

Are you getting dumber? And how might Spike Protein be interrupting your intuition?

In this post I'd like to explore intuition as we know it, and as it has been studied scientifically. So, it's a big myth that intuition is psychic phenomenon. Psychic phenomenon is an intuitive gift, but it's not intuition in the way that it has been studied.

South African Physician – Spells out the bigger picture

"There are inconsistencies, fearmongering, and coercion.  The question is why? The pathogen that was causing death, the pathogen within the virus, is the spike protein.  Spike protein is also what the vaxxine programmes your body to make.  Therefore, those who have received the Jab, are now pathogen creators. 
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Is Gillick Competency good enough? AND why should children as young as 12 years be vaccinated in September?

Will You Give Informed Consent For Your Child To Get The Covid-19 Injection? 1. The plan to vaccinate children against COVID-19 without parental consent, using only the Gillick competency concept, to determine if the children understand the potential health implications. However, this system is flawed, since reactions to this medical device remain unknown. Literally, NO ONE knows ...


Dr Northrop speaks of the unusual symptoms experienced and reported by women from around the world since the administration of the mRNA gene therapy transfection jabs.  They are not vaccines, and therefore we cannot rightfully call them vaccines, since is medical mislabelling. The women who are reporting these symptoms have not been jabbed. 
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Looking at the science, logic & data

Close to 16000 German doctors speaking out against their governments and WHOs official narrative about COVID-19. Signatures of thousands of medical Drs and experts around the world. Including but not limited to Germany, Spain, US, Belgium and more, agree there is no deadly pandemic and it is long overdue to get back to normal. The public is under no requirements for mask-wearing or social distancing.
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The Vaccine Mandate; what I ought to know before accepting fluids and tracing technology into my body

You may not know this yet - but it's actually happening. Bill Gates is being charged with Crimes Against Humanity, and he will be again, and again. Why? If you watch every video on this page, as I have done over the past 8 weeks of Lockdown, I can promise you that you will never be the same again, and you should be able to answer this question.
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Dismantling The Matrix

Censorship is THE real virus. Here are 9 FACTS, checked by scientists rather than our corrupt online Fact-Checkers. It‘s so obvious Fact-Checkers are prostituted & parroting mainstream propaganda. These are 9 FACTS that our British and US leaders do not want YOU to discover. Please know they are doing EVERYTHING in their power to make sure these truths remain censored

Is It Our Human Right To Ask Questions?

We, humans, have the tendency not to believe inconvenient truths Usually, the avoidance of inconvenience truths keeps up safely in our conveniently constructed narrative Well, that's OK when our narrative is just a personal one But what happens when our convenient narrative affects a global picture, & our personal decisions have ramifications Affecting millions, for generations to come ...
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Are you questioning the need for technologies such as 5G?

5G is not safe - our media censoring this message, why? Why is 5G being rolled out in towns and cities across our globe when it is unsafe?  We trust our media to keep up informed, we trust our governments to abide to human rights of safety. Why are there appointed custodians NOT raising questions?