My Mission

My mission as a Nutritional Therapist & Quantum Alchemiser

True health is always the result of organs and systems working in synergy, rather than just palliated disease. Nutritional Therapy honours nutritional biochemistry as well as holism. It is both a science that scrutinises all nutrient driven biochemical pathways, and an art, that appreciates the magic of what makes us tick as humans.  We cannot separate out how we feel, and the symphony of chemical exchanges that are taking place inside of us.  The key to success in all health cases is to first identify the best entry point to the disease.  Once we do this, we can successfully navigate through any myriad of symptoms whilst honouring multiple challenges within the organs and systems: Open drainage pathways, restore energy to tired or ailing organs, tend to pathogenic loading, remove heavy metals and other toxicants. 

Our endocrine system and detoxification system both work in orchestra, often collapsing into themselves when complex health symptoms are present.  When symptoms are confusing we should seek to read between the lines, rather than feel caught up and focused on one singular symptom. Taking such a bird’s eye perspective by joining the dots between symptoms is our way back to restorative health.  

Ultimately I stand to make a difference in the lives of my clients by offering a viable, natural and effective antidote to the pharmaceutical model as well introducing holistic therapies to our healing space.  The Emotion Code, PSYCH-K, Chakra-balancing and Kinesiology-balancing all has its place.  I encourage sessions to be scheduled based upon your needs.  Ultimately combining approaches works best.    

What I want for you:

To claim back your health and your energy. So that you are able to live the life you were born for.

I believe that by NOT living the life that we were born to lead, this taxes all of our energies.

I have always believed that seeking for true health is as much of a spiritual quest as a biological one. Heal the body and re-connect with spirit. Since spirit connects us with our talents and passions which make us come alive!