AR is the result of an antibody reaction that results in inflammation with many of the symptoms likely due to changes in the permeability of blood vessels. The most common approaches for treatment include avoiding triggers, using antihistamine medications and desensitization injection, none of which are ideal. Far-infrared (FIR) is an invisible electromagnetic wave with a longer wavelength than that of visible light. Numerous studies have found that FIR can be used to treat vascular diseases and may increase blood flow.

Patients with acne have often exhausted skin care products and oral medications in the search for improving the physical appearance of their skin. Blackheads, enlarged pores and chronic inflammation can be helped with improving circulation to the skin and by helping to remove waste from the body in a more effective way with sweating. By opening the pores and allowing the sebum to drain normally, far infrared saunas help to remove the impurities and to stop bacteria from replicating. Equally important is washing the skin after a session in the far infrared sauna to allow the sebum to remain free and the pores clear of accumulated waste from the sweat.