In my home, we LOVE Medjool dates stuffed with organic peanut, almond or cashew butter, dipped in melted 85% Lindt (favoured because Cocoa butter comes before Sugar in the ingredients), and then left to cool.

Before you’ve actually tried these you couldn’t possibly imagine how delicious they are.

Nutrient benefits
Cashews; Vitamin E, calcium magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc and oleic acid as the monounsaturated fat.

Almonds; Potassium, calcium, iron, zinc and Vitamin E, also a high ratio of arginine to lysine which is good for those carrying the herpes virus.  Their fat content is in the form of polyunsaturates.

Peanuts have a lesser reputation but still contain some valuable minerals.  However this is often overlooked due to the aflatoxin present on the skin the nut.  This fungus is a known carcinogen and is 20 x more toxic than DDT.  It’s also been linked to mental retardation and lowered intelligence in kids.

Dates; Calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc, copper.


I love my new juicer, The SAGE.

My first ever juicer bought 20 years ago was the Matstone inaugural juicer and grinder. Designed to deliver a slow pressed, hi enzyme yield of juice. I loved it and still DO to this day, using it every week to create nut butter, tasty sorbets, grind seeds and buckwheat into flours and create yummy Power Balls (featured in my Blog last post). juice drinks

However, I’m not the most patient of people!, and I believe it’s ‘a given’ to say ‘time is our most precious commodity’… So after some deliberation, I decided after many years of inaugural juicing to jack in the painstaking process and purchase the Phillips Avance instead. It certainly looked the part, nice lines, super fast juice and so delighted me in every way, …. until a song smell of burning rubber flooded my kitchen and smoke rose rapidly in the air.

The detoxing I’d been expecting from my fresh then daily juices were swiftly counter-balanced by air born plastics I had unfortunately ingested. The product was returned and replaced, only to repeat the frightening and noxtious episode within a month. Not good.

I moved on then to the Retro juicer by Juicemaster. It’s pretty cool looking, but in my view incredibly cumbersome. With many grooves and a complicated fixture points. At grass roots it does nothing the Matstone does not do already, and so much less. In my view it’s simply a design borjuice drinksrowed from the Matstone, re-configuered, to deliver a far less useful product. I returned with my case in point, which was thankfully accepted by Juicemaster. They are, by the way, are really good, integral company to deal with in my experience.

So after to disappointments, I threw my cash at The SAGE. And Oh my WOW, is all I can sing from the rooftops. I simply adore this machine. It has the speed of the Philips, with the quality of yield from the Retro, and a design SO well thought through it takes less than 3 minutes to clean right through, as well as 30-secs to put back together. Promise! So I use this virtually every day, as it has delighted and satisfied my repertoire in the kitchen, now complete.

Thanks for listening!