Chronic Fatigue Syndrome is understood in clinical terms to be a stress-related condition under-pined by multiple stressors experienced by the nervous system on multiple levels.  Multiple causative triggers can combine to re-kindle (re-wire) the nervous system to an increased propensity to stress sensitivity.

Triggers can be experienced on the emotional, mental, physical, biological, electrical, spiritual levels.

Arising from the multiple entry points comes multiple causative factors of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Each possible causative factor needs to be assessed and addressed if recovery can be expected.

Possible Causative Factors



Vagus nerve infection, Immune dysfunction, viral infections, and co-infections. Other infections; Teeth, and undetected bacterial infections in the teeth.  Undiagnosed Strep going on for years from having the tonsils removed.

Viruses that may underpin CFS

Epstein Bar / HHV6 / Enterovirus / Cytomegalovirus / Parvovirus B19 / Retroviruses

Co-infections that may underpin CFS

Mycoplasma / Chlamydia / Chronic Borrelia / Bucella / Rickettsia / Babesia


Psycho-Emotional causes of stress stemming from childhood trauma or ongoing abuse from a parent or spouse. Unfortunately, the body does not differentiate between physical and psychological stressors.  They simply all have the same impact. Therefore emotional stressors can also have a physical outcome, exemplified by studies where trauma has been linked with resulting Leaky-Gut or IBS.


Increased cellular stress in the form of heavy metal toxicity.  Poor detoxification functions in the liver. Poor mitochondrial function.  Poor gut function and resulting pathogenic bacteria in the gut, gut dysbiosis due to severe food intolerances.


Home WIFI, electrical sensitivity, mobile phones, laptops, etc


Discordance with self, no place in this world, self-identity lacks purpose.

Optimising systems is paramount to recovery.  Strengthen the milieu interior and we stand a far greater chance of de-activating viruses and recovery.