In today’s blog Anna explores our epigenetic vulnerability to the transfection of Spike-proteins and resulting Spikopathy.
Here within, we explore why some people are Genomically prone to the acute symptoms of Spikopathy (the result of Spike-proteins docked into vulnerable tissues), whilst other people are not so immediately or badly affected.  We look at why some people are Genomically prone to a variety of metabolic down-stream consequences, which can lead to inflammation, oxidative stress, mucosal flare-ups resulting in IBS, Crohn’s and much more. 

Due to multiple health concerns resulting from the COVID Vaxxines, and now circulating Spike-protein within our social atmospheres, we must adopt a new style of thinking, to protect those who have NOT taken the mRNA COVID-19 injections, as well as support the health of those who HAVE taken the mRNA and are now Spike-protein pathogen creators.
Within a blog published on the 12th June 2023 Anna explored ‘Transfection’ (the new term given to the self-spreading mRNA-generated Spike-proteins) …

On this page we will explore Transfection (the new term given to the self-spreading mRNA-generated spike-proteins) and Spikopathy (the new term given to diseases resulting from Transfection), addressing the questions:
What is Transfection?
What is Spikopathy?
Next, we explore the downstream consequences of Transfection & Spikopathy.  How do pathogenicity of Spike-protein directly affect our health and the health of our loved ones?