In today’s blog Anna explores our epigenetic vulnerability to the transfection of Spike-proteins and resulting Spikopathy.
Here within, we explore why some people are Genomically prone to the acute symptoms of Spikopathy (the result of Spike-proteins docked into vulnerable tissues), whilst other people are not so immediately or badly affected.  We look at why some people are Genomically prone to a variety of metabolic down-stream consequences, which can lead to inflammation, oxidative stress, mucosal flare-ups resulting in IBS, Crohn’s and much more. 

On this page we will explore how stress directly affects our capacity to detoxify efficiently. 

We will also explore why some people are more prone to stress than others, and even why some people are biologically ‘wired’ to pick-up on environmental stimuli and therefore be pre-disposed to stress.

We will explore what you can do, if you are one of these people, so you may have lived a life feeling over-whelmed most of the time. 

On the whole, people tend to feel shy and embarrassed about the subject of colon cleansing. However, the colon is just another part of our digestive tract, so the sooner …