Benign Fasciculation syndrome

The first time I noticed my body twitching out of the ordinary was directly after experiencinMy Story and Missiong a shock to my CNS system.  The first assault was in the form of an emotional stressor, my son had just experienced an accident.  The second assault came only a couple of months later, which was a double dose of dental anaesthetic.  the symptoms came on almost immediately. First I had shooting pains down my left arm, which then went numb.  My heart then started to cramp. Within 24 hours, not only these symptoms but twitching like I could have never imagine ensued.

My eyelids, face, throat, tongue, torso, limbs, fingers, toes, all twitching thousands of times per second.

Pains began to shoot up my arms, and my heart would cramp every few minutes.  As I lay in bed focusing on my breath, which I considered might be my only hope of staying alive… I decided that I could get through this I would do whatever it takes maintain my health.

Benign Fasciculation Syndrome is virtually unheard of.  Diagnosis is complicated by the lack of understanding of what might be the causative factors responsible for this condition, within mainstream medicine.  It’s believed to be a variety of Fibromyalgia but often mistaken for ALS or MS.