Keto Fudge

Here’s how to indulge in decadent chocolate fudge… without blowing your diet… because these delights are keto, paleo, vegan… AND soy, gluten and sugar free.

3 ingredients and 5 minutes are all that stand between you and chocolate heaven.

To make the filling:

If you are not using Peruvian cacao powder, you’ll probably want to add stevia, or 1 tbsp of honey or guava nectar for sweetness. (More about why below)

Just go light on the stevia. Add even a little bit too much and your fudge will taste like chocolate-flavored stevia!

What to do:

  • Stir all of the ingredients together until they’re evenly mixed. Pour/scoop into a mold (ice cube trays work great) and freeze.
  • Eat them with great pleasure!

Because coconut oil will melt at higher temps, it is best to store your “keto fudge” in the freezer.

Grab one when you want something sweet… when you taste them, you won’t believe something so good can also be good for you!


P.S. Peruvian cacao is rare and you are unlikely to find it on store shelves. It is naturally sweet and less bitter. This is our 1 and ONLY reliable source for high-quality Peruvian cacao… but it’s from the US.  Cocao with Stevia is another great option

Peruvian cacao, recommendedfor both health and pleasure!