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Anna takes a multi-disciplinary approach to health and healing. She is an experienced Naturopathic & Functional Nutritional Therapist, Nutrigenomics Practitioner, Healer and Emotional Release Therapist

True health results from cohesion and synergy between all systems; our body, our emotions and mind, our core beliefs (being our subconscious programming) and spirit.  At the level of the body, Nutritional Therapy seeks to bring about health through synergy and cohesion between all of our adaptive biological systems. Since chronic illnesses typically result at the point at which these adaptative systems have experienced unsustainable stress, finally gives way to mal-adaption, and thus breakdown.  Mal-adaption results from organs and systems often at first over functioning, functioning to the brink of chaos for months or even years, before crashing into the mal-adaptive, under-functioning state of disease.  Once systems have crashed, our threshold to stress becomes lower, a lot lower.  Naturally then, only a small amount of stress experienced can become a trigger for yet ‘another health crash or health crisis’! Stressors that contribute to mal-adaption include dietary choices, environmental toxicity, pathogens – such as parasites / persistent viral loading / bacteria / yeast and fungal infestations, EMF fields, and persistent emotional and mental stressors. All of these areas of life and health contribute to our total stress load and ‘stress bucket’ and therefore contribute to end-stage mal-adaptation to stress, and chronic diseases. 

Functional Nutrition defines our troubling health symptoms as the ‘branches’ of our health tree.  They are the tangible expression that have resulted from a ‘root’ cause.  The ‘roots’ to our health symptoms are often embedded within broken / maladaptive biological system. It’s important to understand this, since the health symptoms that we are mostly concerned with are usually just one or more expression of a far greater and significant state of dis-ease that lies within.  In Functional Nutrition we start with detective work and mapping your health journey; joining the dots between all presenting symptoms before tracking back to the terrain, being the soil which takes us to the root/s of your health condition. Next, we seek to ‘clear the muddy waters’. This means to cut the noise within your biological terrain and ‘take out’ whatever is exacerbating symptoms or perpetuating your condition. Next we apply appropriate choices in nutrient therapy to bridge broken metabolic pathways and improve health, whilst considering your personal nutrient-biochemical story and genomic blueprint. Consider that certain key nutrients are responsible for switching specific genes on and off.  If you are rattling through key nutrients due to stress, fatigue, over-exercising, over-studying, pathogenic loading and more … then consider you may also be down-regulating important genes that are central to your health. By upregulating our Genomic expression to achieve greater Genomic functionality is one way to sustain good health.  Nutrient therapy can also switch-off over-reactive genes, such as those genes responsible for producing too much histamine leading to Mast Cell Activation Syndrome. 

Naturopathic Nutrition also recognises disease as the pinnacle expression of maladaptive communication between organs and systems.  Naturopathic Nutrition acknowledges that toxicity (exogenous toxicants as well as endogenous toxins) is at the root of all maladaptation and dis-ease, on some level. Naturopathic Nutrition honours the body’s Drainage systems (liver, gallbladder, kidneys, skin, lungs, large intestine) by healing and opening these organs and systems before deeper cellular healing and release work can take place, on any serious level. Honouring all ‘routes of elimination’ decreases the stress-load which in turn sends positive signals to your cells and helps to switch off the Cell Danger Response, restore innate immune functionality and restores cell-membrane energy and vitality.  

Our planet is becoming increasingly toxic.  The first reference was by Rachel Louise Carson, a writer, scientist and ecologist who described in in the 1960s how DDT entered the food chain, causing cancer and genetic damage. That was over 50 years ago! Today, there are literally hundreds of books related to environmental toxicity and health issues.  Since more than 77,000 chemicals are being manufactured in the developed world, with 3,000 added directly into our food chain. Over 10,000 chemicals are used in solvents, emulsifiers, and preservatives in the food industry, and the average city water supply contains over 500 chemicals.  Many of these chemicals are not metabolised in the body and therefore stored in our body fat.  It’s not surprising that most people demonstrate 400-800 different chemical residues in their fat cells and 95% of cancers are related to diet and these levels of persistent environmental toxicity.  

Naturopathic Nutrition respects the two Pillars of health and healing. Nurture is the 1st Pillar of health. Detoxification is the 2nd Pillar of health. The message being that we must first nurture the body and heal the damaged tissues within the body’s drainage organs and systems before triggering the release of toxicity from deep within the cells. When we do not respect the order of these two Pillars of health, we can experience re-circulated toxicity, toxicity dumping and a healing crisis.  

Long-COVID & COVID-Vaccine Injury – Online Clinic

Lastly, we cannot separate out how we feel, and the symphony of chemical exchanges that take place inside of us due to our emotions, or legacy of previously ‘trapped’ emotions. How we feel affects our reality and our health profoundly. Anna is trained in three powerful emotional release therapy modalities, supporting your emotional detox throughout your healing journey.  You can learn more about the power of emotion-release therapy if you sign up to the Pop-up Opt-in form when loading this website. 

Ultimately, Anna stands for making a difference in the lives of each and every client’s personal health story by first identifying the most significant entry point (be it structural, biochemical, emotional, mental or spiritual) through the process of Systematic kinesiology. Anna then offers a viable, natural and effective antidote to the pharmaceutical model by introducing a multi-disciplinary approach using a range of wholistic recommendations or therapies within your healing space.  All she asks for is the commitment of three Initial Set-up consultations, in order to effectively set you up on a tailor-made healing journey.  

Bridging Science With Art & Spirituality

A Truly Wholistic Approach to Healing

Nutritional Therapy; Supplementation, Functional Nutrition & Kinesiology (diagnostic)

Categories of health: COVID 19 (prevention) / Long COVID (restorative) / Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / Adrenal Fatigue / Fibromyalgia / Lyme Disease / Autoimmune issues / I.B.S / Hormone Imbalance / Hashimoto’s / Chrones / Food Intolerances / Ehlers Dandros / Multiple Chemical Sensitivity / Anxiety / Depression / etc.

Testing: Bach Flowers / Four Element Salts / EMF Frequencies / Neuro Nutrients / Protein / Mineral / Hydration / Vitamin / Emotions / Priority Organs / Viruses / Heavy Metals / Bacteria / Parasites / Fungus / Biofilm  / Body Biochemistry

Comprehensive Parasite Cleanse

We pick up parasites from our water sources, from our food, from our animals.  Whether we are paleo, keto or vegan and plant-based, you can still have parasites like Roundworm in the vegetables that you eat.  Toxoplasmosis is transmitted from cats through their kitty litter.

We can catch a pin-worm egg from someone else’s sneeze. There are parasites in water that can penetrate through the skin.  Hookworms can penetrate through the skin and take up residency that way.

100% of people have parasites, but it’s down to the host’s immune function as to whether they are kept at bay.

Food Tolerance Testing & Consultation

One man’s meat is frequently another man’s poison.  Meaning, what suits one person will almost certainly not be suitable for another.  Biochemical individuality is a beautiful thing, and a fact. Each person has substantially different nutritional needs, it is therefore imperative that this is taken into account when designing a food programme for healing as well as long term health.

The Emotion Code

The Emotion Code is offered as its own session and as a “bolt-on” option to the Nutritional Therapy consultations.


PSYCH-K® is a process that combines brain-gym exercises with kinesiology to create a whole-brain-state within all situations.  Results are typically felt immediately as a paradigm shift within all of our relationships – with other people, with ourself and our environment to include social atmospheres and electrical equipment. Once the habitual negative pattern, perspective or belief have been wiped away and recorded over, we are then aligned with new a positive frame of reference, be it a goal, a belief or a new perspective.  The potential for what is possible as a result of engaging in this work is truly limitless, so why not become the very best version of yourself with PSYCH-K®!

Sacred Alchemy & Healing Class ~ Learn How To Shield (it works!)

Sound healing for your chakras / Sacred symbol healing for your chakras / Awakening your healing energy by opening your hand chakras / Raising your kundalini / Setting sacred symbols for daily protection / Angelic shielding for daily protection Setting your invisibility cloak for daily protection / Energising through your Tora / Crystals used for daily protection / Crystals used for daily cleansing.





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My Body IS My Church

Cleanliness is next to Godliness (Acts 9:32-10:23)

Environmental pollutants such as man-made chemicals and heavy metals, poor dietary choices such as refined sugars, rancid fats, hydrogenated fats,  altered (hybridised) over-farmed grains (such as wheat), and non-organic dairy pumped full of antibiotics and puss ALL serve to significantly lower our vibration and disconnect us from Source-God-Consciousness. 

Our bodies are exquisite vessels built to connect and communicate with Source-Love-Light.  But when these intricately designed spiritual vessels become polluted, we find it harder and harder ‘connect to consciousness’ and truth.  Filled with chemical infringements and confusing messages.. the ego hijacks our mind and our life.  We are no longer grounded and may even find it impossible to ‘hear’ our calling.

For the last 20 + years I have considered my body to be MY church. It’s not a complicated principle. And so I aim to keep it clean, and free from confusing messages – in the form of toxicants.  This helps me to listen in … and to stay dialled in, to my intuition, to my soul. In the hope that I can live on my path and with greater purpose.

I’d love you to follow me in the kitchen, or read my blogs below …

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meanwhile, some feedback from my clients …

I honestly cannot thank you enough for beginning to sort me out . 5/6 weeks ago I was in tears at the doctors unable to think about how I would last the day of the wedding, let alone the whole weekend of festivities and yet I had a fabulous time, managed to stick pretty much to eat what was good for me, had a few glasses of wine & fizz, spent a large amount of time on the dance floor and generally had the most fabulously happy day.

The inflammation behind my knees has been up and down the last couple of days – hardly surprisingly after the amount they have been used and the fact that I fell off the abstinence wagon to a degree, but emotionally & energy wise I have been in a place I couldn’t have dreamt of such a short while ago.

What ever you gave me for my foot is working, first time in years it’s completely pain free. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you’re a bloody genius! (or a witch! hehe).

I have struggled for many years with various symptoms and have been backwards and forwards from the doctors, none of who have been overly helpful. I had also, at times, been made to feel like I was making it all up. I had been offered antidepressants and anti anxiety medication but nobody wanted to help me get to the bottom of the problem.
I was determined there was something wrong and I didn’t want to accept that this was how I was going to feel for the rest of my life.
Then I found Anna.
From the start she took my feelings and symptoms very seriously and i really felt like she was the person that could help me.
3/4 months in and I’m amazed at the difference. I feel like I’m finally getting my life back and being the person, wife and mum that I always knew I could and should be.
Anna’s support and advice has been fantastic and i can’t thank her enough. It’s great having someone who is taking me seriously and doing their best for me and my health.

I have been seeing Anna regularly since August 2011. When I started I presented with a lot of troubling symptoms – mainly Hypoglycemia, IBS/Constipation, low energy, aches, and pains. Anna, through saliva testing, found me to be suffering from Adrenal Fatigue. She soon had me adjusting my diet dramatically and taking supplements. Very quickly my blood sugar levels balanced, the constipation was resolved furthermore my energy levels improved dramatically. We then addressed detoxification of Heavy Metals from which I feel a thousand times better as a result of this work!! Anna’s expertise, guidance, and support have been paramount to me turning my life around and I now can look forward to having energy and comfort in the future. Thank you, Anna, for all your invaluable help support and patience, I have learned so much from you. CH, Wiltshire

Hi people, I would just like to let you all know about my Nutristionist Anna Baudrain, who thanks to teaching me about how food can heal and what foods to eat made me feel human again after my health scare. Anna is amazing, she steadied my mind, my cravings, my emotions and gave me my life back. Lots of love Hannah x

Alarm bells went off when I discovered some large wholes in my teeth which indicated some important underlying health issues had to be addressed. Anna took me on and has taken me through a thoroughly well thought out nutritional program. She has great experience, expertise and a passion for her work which is so necessary when making these big lifestyle commitments. I feel very fortunate as I cannot recommend her more highly.
Director of Vale Centre (Conference & Training Centre in Somerset

“I can’t thank Anna enough for her incredible advice on so many things to do with my life and my health. Her compassion for her job is unbelievable. I have met some practitioners in my time but Anna is a very special lady. I could listen to her all day. Thank you so much Anna.” From Claire

“Anna has been an invaluable support, providing me with a wealth of information about my specific individual nutritional needs at a time when i felt my lowest physiologically. I have experienced an important amount of clearing both in my body and mind, bringing increased energy, focus and mental clarity. I would certainly recommend Anna to anybody who is really willing to investigate and unravel their overall state of health and well-being.” From Anna Branscombe

When I first went to see Anna, I was at my wits end having been suffering from gastrointestinal issues that my GP insisted would be cured by conventional medicines. However, I had just seemed to be getting worse and worse with no real help from the GP to sort the problem, and who just kept prescribing more pills of a different variety.
Anna however listened to my issues and understood the symptoms. Using her extensive knowledge, support and guidance she has been able to assist me through the use of nutritional supplements and diet to regain my health. The result is I am now feeling much better than I thought would have been possible just six months ago. She gave me an incredible amount of emotional support too, which when you are feeling low, is invaluable and I am immensely grateful for all her help.
I would recommend Anna to anyone who is suffering with health problems as in my experience I was unable to take conventional medicines which, as it turned out, were doing me more harm than good. Whilst conventional medicine has its place, there is no better way to look after your body wholistically. Anna’s knowledge and understanding has been truly remarkable and I cannot thank her enough for helping me through this difficult time.
Celia Holland.

Finding Anna was a real Godsend for me having just come through cancer treatment, I found her quite brilliant in pursuing natural treatments, to enhance the body and raising the energy levels which had become so depleted. I have been visiting Anna for the last two years, it is always a pleasure to see her, as she gives encouragement, her knowledge is wide and inspiring and one feels in a good space with her help and support, to help oneself, with the very best results. Thank you Anna for everything and long may you continue with your excellent work,
DS Southwest England

I found Anna on the internet after moving down to Wiltshire from London.
I’ve had M.E for twenty years and very much needed a new treatment plan plus I wanted to lose some weight.
Anna is extremely easy to talk to, she understands not only the physical side of my illness but the emotional as well and since first seeing her nearly a year ago now I am making steady progress. I am out of my wheelchair and I am so much more active than I have ever been. Also, I have lost over two stone.
I would highly recommend Anna to anyone looking for a professional, caring, friendly and extremely knowledgable Nutritionist/Kinesiologist.

I’m so glad I found Anna when I did. I was at my lowest ebb both physically and emotionally and had lost complete faith in conventional doctors and their medications. With the help of tests Anna confirmed that I was suffering from severe adrenal fatigue and heavy metal toxicity. She put together a comprehensive dietary and supplement protocol for me, which she monitored through kinesiology and amended over a number of months. She is a gifted lady who is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about healing. My health has improved greatly and I cannot express my gratitude enough for everything she has done for me. She has set me on the path to good health and for that I shall always be thankful.

Hi Anna, I had to write and tell you and please forgive me but I have had a normal bowel movement!! Not had this in over 6 months! Had to share the good news!!!

Hi Anna,

I am really pleased how quickly I have recovered from my bout of sickness. I think it must have been the water in the river as my friend who was with me has had the same thing but worse and still does not feel right.

I was fine the next day after my sickness and in fact went swimming in the quarry on Thursday evening! My body got rid of whatever it was very fast. I was only bad for one day but for Emma it has been at least 3 days.

Thought you would be interested to know as I am sure it is due to the changes in my health supported by your food and supplement recommendations. Normally I catch every going around, so I am really grateful

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Spike-Protein Detox

In today's blog Anna explores our epigenetic vulnerability to the transfection of Spike-proteins and resulting Spikopathy. Here within, we explore why some people are Genomically prone to the acute symptoms of Spikopathy (the result of Spike-proteins docked into vulnerable tissues), whilst other people are not so immediately or badly affected.  We look at why some people are Genomically prone to a variety of metabolic down-stream consequences, which can lead to inflammation, oxidative stress, mucosal flare-ups resulting in IBS, Crohn's and much more. 
, , , , ,


On this page we will explore Transfection (the new term given to the self-spreading mRNA-generated spike-proteins) and Spikopathy (the new term given to diseases resulting from Transfection), addressing the questions: What is Transfection? What is Spikopathy? Next, we explore the downstream consequences of Transfection & Spikopathy.  How do pathogenicity of Spike-protein directly affect our health and the health of our loved ones?
, ,

Detoxification & Liver Cleansing as a Whole body System: Part 3

For over 25 years my exploration and journey through the various levels and processes of detoxification, specifically heavy metal oral chelation, mycotoxin and chemical detox have all helped me to finally break-free from 20 years of debilitating illness and many health challenges along the way.  Along this journey I've discovered that 'suffering enough' from environmental toxicity) is one way to learn one's lessons ..
, , ,

Detoxification & Genomics as a Whole body System: Part 2

On this page we will explore how Genomics (Epigenetics and Nutrigenomics) directly affects our health, and capacity to detoxify efficiently.  We will also explore why some people are prone to storing toxins, compared to others who appear to get away with abusing their body and health! Then we'll look at how you can harness your genomic potential ..
, , , ,

Detoxification & Stress, exploring HSPs & ACEs: Part 1

On this page we will explore how stress directly affects our capacity to detoxify efficiently.  We will also explore why some people are more prone to stress than others, and even why some people are biologically 'wired' to pick-up on environmental stimuli and therefore be pre-disposed to stress. We will explore what you can do, if you are one of these people, so you may have lived a life feeling over-whelmed most of the time. 

Are you getting dumber? And how might Spike Protein be interrupting your intuition?

In this post I'd like to explore intuition as we know it, and as it has been studied scientifically. So, it's a big myth that intuition is psychic phenomenon. Psychic phenomenon is an intuitive gift, but it's not intuition in the way that it has been studied.

South African Physician – Spells out the bigger picture

"There are inconsistencies, fearmongering, and coercion.  The question is why? The pathogen that was causing death, the pathogen within the virus, is the spike protein.  Spike protein is also what the vaxxine programmes your body to make.  Therefore, those who have received the Jab, are now pathogen creators. 
, ,

Is Gillick Competency good enough? AND why should children as young as 12 years be vaccinated in September?

Will You Give Informed Consent For Your Child To Get The Covid-19 Injection? 1. The plan to vaccinate children against COVID-19 without parental consent, using only the Gillick competency concept, to determine if the children understand the potential health implications. However, this system is flawed, since reactions to this medical device remain unknown. Literally, NO ONE knows ...


Dr Northrop speaks of the unusual symptoms experienced and reported by women from around the world since the administration of the mRNA gene therapy transfection jabs.  They are not vaccines, and therefore we cannot rightfully call them vaccines, since is medical mislabelling. The women who are reporting these symptoms have not been jabbed. 
  • Don’t wait for a health crisis before you choose to honour your body ...

  • Choose the quality of your Life, Reality, Future

  • Choose your health~destiny by re-writing the fate within your genes by your choices